N3on blasts Charli D’Amelio for talking about his “disrespectful” behavior at party

Virginia Glaze
n3on-blasts-charli-damelio-disrespectful-behaviorYouTube: N3on

Kick streamer N3on is hitting back at Charli D’Amelio after the TikTok star opened up about his “disrespectful” behavior toward her at a party.

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s second most-followed creator. In September 2023, she was attending a party hosted by her boyfriend, music artist Landon Barker, when she was approached by popular Kick streamer N3on.

Although N3on is known for his over-the-top pranks and wild behavior, she wasn’t prepared for him to start hitting on her — much less while her boyfriend was literally right beside her.

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That wasn’t the end, or even the beginning of his antics regarding Charli, though. Prior to the party, N3on made comments about trying to sleep with the TikToker during his live stream, saying, “the plan is to f*ck Charli D’Amelio by the end of the night.”

n3on-with-charli-partyYouTube: N3on
N3on hit on Charli D’Amelio at a party – and made several other remarks about the TikTok star during his live stream of the event.

The streamer also made several other remarks about Charli during the event, claiming he wanted to “smack her ass.”

Charli appeared to open up about her encounter with N3on during an episode of the Jay Shetty podcast, where she detailed a strikingly similar incident at a party with her boyfriend — leading many viewers to presume she was calling out N3on.

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“I woke up to some crazy person talking about me in the most wildly disrespectful way I’ve really seen in a long time,” Charli said. “Me and this person were at an event together, and this person introduced themselves. I introduced myself. We tried to be nice. This kid was not nice to me, then went and talked very poorly on me.”

charli-damelio-jay-shetty-n3on-podcastYouTube: Jay Shetty Podcast
Charli opened up about N3on’s “disrespectful” behavior toward her at the party on the Jay Shetty podcast.

N3on says he’ll “uppercut” Charli D’Amelio amid feud over “disrespectful” behavior

Now, N3on is hitting back at the TikTok star. In a recent broadcast, N3on directly called out Charli, saying he would hit her with an “uppercut” if he saw her in person.

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“Charli D’Amelio,” he began. “I see you talking sh*t on a podcast. It’s crazy, because you wouldn’t say that to my face. ‘Cause if I see you, I’ma uppercut you. Respectfully, please don’t talk about me. Keep my name outta your mouth, alright?”

Thus far, Charli hasn’t offered any response to N3on’s latest statement, but we’ll keep you updated right here on Dexerto if she does.

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