Charli D’Amelio slams haters after Kids Choice Award win: “Why are you mad?”

Georgina Smith
Charli D'Amelio

Charli D’Amelio has taken aim at haters who claim she didn’t deserve to win her Kids’ Choice Award, slamming their “rude” suggestions other stars like Addison Rae or JoJo Siwa were more worthy of the fan-voted crown.

The TikTok queen was crowned “Favorite Social Star” at the popular awards show on March 13, beating out other stars like Emma Chamberlain, Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa, and Addison Rae.

The win, D’Amelio said, was a “dream come true.”

Since her fan-voted victory, however, fans and viewers have come out of the woodwork across social media and TikTok to claim she was unworthy of the win, especially after she was crowned over influencers like Rae, Chamberlain, YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa, and mainstream dance star Maddie Ziegler.

The 16-year-old star has since clapped back at the backlash, slamming“unfair” suggestions she didn’t deserve to win the fan-voted Kids’ Choice Award.

Charli D'Amelio and James Charles winning Kids Choice Awards 2021
Charli D’Amelio and James Charles are your 2021 ‘Favorite Social Stars.’

“It’s like, how is that my fault? If you don’t want me to win, you should have voted for someone else? Why are you mad?” D’Amelio said on her “2 CHIX” podcast with sister Dixie, before launching into a tirade against the “shocking” online backlash.

“I literally had nothing to do with it… so rude. Literally so rude.

“It’s mine, 100%. I had nothing to do with it, this was everyone else that got me up there, and for that I love them. I understand if [people] are upset, but it’s like… just don’t. Even if you are trying to bring up other people [by attacking me]. I love Emma, I love Maddie, I love Jojo, I love that GamerGirl, she’s so pretty, I love Addison.

“At the end of the day, I really felt like I could sit back and say “I deserve this,” because this was the people that support me that made this happen.”

Topic starts at 12:24.

D’Amelio also said it was “nuts” that online fans were seemingly trying to drive a wedge between her and her fellow influencer stars with her award win.

“There’s no sense of competition between us so the fact that some people are trying to cause controversy, saying things like ‘Oh, Addison should have won!’ That’s not the point. It’s just to celebrate the people you love,” she explained.

“At the end of the day, winning an award is not going to ruin a friendship. That whole thing just seems off to me.

“I love everyone else that was in the category with me, but there is no reason to be putting any of them down, or putting me down to bring them up. That’s just not fair, and the fact that was people’s first response is just not cool.”

Charli D'Amelio in an Instagram picture
Charli took aim at her haters in a tirade on 2 CHIX this week.

Finally, Charli begged fans to “think before you comment.”

“It made me feel like, maybe I didn’t deserve this?” she admitted. “But, at the end of the day, I think I did. They picked who they wanted. Let’s all be happy for each other.”

This is far from the only thing Charli is dealing with online at the moment as well; earlier this week, she was forced to deactivate several TikTok videos after a rumor began circulating that she had died.

So far, Charli has yet to speak out on the rumors, and the YouTube account responsible for spreading them remains active at the time of writing.