Charli D’Amelio explains what happened to her secret TikTok ‘spam’ account

Georgina Smith
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TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has revealed what happened to her secret TikTok ‘spam’ account,’ after fans asked why they could no longer access the popular page.

18-year-old Charli D’Amelio first started posting TikTok videos in 2019, and since then she has become the most-followed creator on the entire app, with over 140 million followers on that platform alone.

She has become well known for her dance videos, and along with sister Dixie has become one of the most prominent creators online, even starring in their own reality show and launching their Social Tourist clothing line.

While Charli often posts on her main account, for a period of time in 2021 she had a secret ‘spam’ account named user4350486101671. Despite not promoting the account, she managed to garner millions of followers, and shared a variety of different bits of content that she didn’t post on her main account.

Charli D'Amelio poses in front of some trees
Charli is currently the most followed creator on TikTok.

However, some time later, fans noticed that the account had seemingly disappeared, leaving many wondering what had happened to the popular page.

On May 12, Charli addressed fans’ queries in a video as part of a TikTok Q&A, responding to the question, “would you ever make a new spam [account] again?”

She answered: “Yeah, so I actually don’t know what happened to my spam. I just got logged out one day and I could never get back in. I miss it sometimes, but I don’t really know what happened.”

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However, those hopeful that the same account would make a return may be disappointed, as Charli went on to explain: “I think it’s gone forever though, which is kind of sad. Miss it. Love you, spam. Bye.”

As well as continuing her TikTok career, Charli recently also landed a movie deal, having been cast in the thriller ‘Home School.’

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