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CallMeCarson finally returns to YouTube amid Katerino cheating scandal

Published: 24/Apr/2020 3:20

by Brad Norton


CallMeCarson finally returned to YouTube with a new upload on April 23 after a near six week break from the platform amid a cheating controversy.

The popular YouTuber — who boasts over 2.7 million subscribers on his primary account — announced on March 12 he would be taking an “indefinite break.” Initially citing mental health as the reason behind his extended leave, the YouTuber later confirmed a cheating scandal was behind his stint away from the platform.

His partner at the time, Katerino, had seemingly cheated on him with fellow YouTuber Fitz. It was later revealed in an April 14 video she had indeed “led him on.” After another brief period of silence amidst the scandal, Carson finally ended his hiatus and returned to YouTube with a brand new upload.


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While it may not be an entirely new video, Carson’s April 23 upload began with new footage of the YouTuber as he introduced a feature-length compilation.

“It’s okay, I’m back,” he said while emerging from under his desk to start the new video. “I hope nothing bad happened while I was gone.”

“I was originally going to put up a best of 2019 video but then the last few months happened,” he explained, leading to the creation of a longer video that included highlights from 2020 as well.

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The two-hour compilation featured some of his most memorable gaming moments, hilarious Discord highlights, and various IRL skits as well.


There’s no telling exactly when the popular personality might get back into a regular schedule on the platform once again, but he did tease more content was on the way.

“Don’t worry, there’s going to be more videos this year, I just wanted to put up a ‘best of’ compilation of the stuff that I think is funny,” he explained.

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Some of the memories in focus throughout the video clearly played a huge role throughout the YouTuber’s growth and still hold an important place in his heart. You can take the trip down memory lane and check out the full video for yourself.


It could still be a while before CallMeCarson is uploading on a more regular basis, but the YouTuber assured that new content will absolutely be pushed out this year.