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CallMeCarson appears to confirm Fitz cheating rumors

Published: 4/Apr/2020 19:26

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber CallMeCarson shocked fans by announcing an “indefinite” hiatus from social media in early March, citing issues with his mental health — but the star may have confirmed further reasons for stepping back.

Nearly a month later, members of Carson’s subreddit noticed some telling activity from his Twitter account, noting that he’d liked a Tweet discussing heartbreak in romantic relationships.

Speculation began to take hold of his fanbase, with some pointing out that Carson had unfollowed friend and fellow YouTuber Fitz on social media, leading to rumors that Carson’s girlfriend had cheated on him with the content creator.


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Normally, this would be chalked up to mere conjecture — if Carson hadn’t appeared to confirm the rumors in a comment on a reddit thread discussing the matter.

“Ding ding ding, we have a winner,” he replied under a comment that suggested his girlfriend, Katerino, had cheated on him with Fitz.

Carson left a few telling remarks on his subreddit in response to fan’s speculation that cheating had occurred.

That wasn’t he end of his apparent confirmation of the scandal, either; the YouTuber went on to comment further on the subject, denying that his statement on the matter was an elaborate April Fools Day prank as theorized by another fan.

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Carson likewise gave a damning response to a fan hoping that Kate hadn’t cheated while being aware of the YouTuber’s mental duress as explained in his hiatus video, replying, “They both knew.”


Carson appeared to confirm fan worries regarding his YouTube hiatus.

Still another begged fans to keep their noses out of his relationship troubles, warning against the damage that could arise from rampant speculation and rumors — a statement Carson claimed he would agree with, “if it wasn’t the truth.”

CallMeCarson replied to a fan’s comment worrying about the damage fan speculation can do to one’s mental health, further confirming rumors that he had been cheated on by girlfriend Katerino.

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Despite the severity of the situation, Carson discouraged his fans from going on a “witch hunt” against both Kate and Fitz in yet another response to a fan on his subreddit — and thus far, most viewers are refraining from hate brigades, although a few have expressed their distaste for Fitz in wake of Carson’s confirmation.

CallMeCarson seemed to encourage fans not to engage in a witch hunt against Kate or Fitz in wake of the issue coming to light.

For now, all fans can do is bide their time as Carson recovers amid his current break from creating content in yet another sticky situation that both Kate and Fitz have remained silent about in wake of the exposure.