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Nessa Barrett slams TikTok “look alike” for thinly veiled insult

Published: 23/Apr/2020 20:22 Updated: 23/Apr/2020 20:27

by Virginia Glaze


Popular TikTok creator Nessa Barret has spoken out after taking notice of her very own lookalike on the video platform — but it doesn’t look like her copycat is interested in playing nice.

Nessa Barrett is a relatively popular face on TikTok, boasting over six million followers due to her viral videos, which have similarly gained millions of views.

However, the social media star came under fire earlier this month after filming a video with a friend in which they danced to audio of the Quran being read aloud.

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While Barrett has since apologized for a video that many considered offensive, it doesn’t look like the internet is cutting her any slack anytime soon, as evidenced by a comment made by her very own lookalike.


TikTokker Isabella Garcia has gone viral due to her uncanny resemblance to Barrett, which she mentioned in a TikTok with the caption, “Day one of trying to get Nessa Barrett to notice that I’m her twin.”

However, it doesn’t look like Garcia is too interested in having similarities with the TikTok star, uploading yet another side-by-side comparison video with the caption, “Nessa Barrett, but less problematic.”

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It seems that Barrett has since taken notice of Garcia’s lookalike videos — as well as her not-so-subtle insult toward her recent scandal, as evidenced by her comment on the video: “Ouch.”


That wasn’t the end of her responses to the matter either, with Barrett also addressing Garcia’s video via a Twitter: “Please don’t dedicate your entire TikTok account on how you’re my ‘look alike,’ but insult me in your captions.”

Garcia has since responded to Barrett’s comments in a now-privated video, apologizing for offending both the TikTokker and her fans and admitting that she’s actually a fan of Barrett in spite of her controversy.

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This wouldn’t be the first time a famous TikTokker has had their look lifted recently; the platform’s most-followed creator, Charli D’Amelio, was tied to lookalike Ellie Zeiler, who became the center of drama after fans created fake accounts to trick viewers into thinking that Zeiler was actually trying to impersonate Charli.


While Zeiler has since clarified the account was not her, it seems that lookalikes are growing into a trend on TikTok — although whether this trend is for good or ill remains to be seen.