Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper praises Charli D’Amelio for attitude toward “sad” TikTok hate

Alex Cooper praises Charli D'Amelio for Hulu showYouTube: Alexandra Cooper, Hulu

TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and big sis Dixie have debuted their very own reality show — a program that Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper is giving high praise toward, due to their attitude toward the constant hate they receive.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are two of the internet’s biggest personalities right now. Charli boasts the most followers out of any content creator on TikTok (125 million, to be exact), while Dixie is making a name for herself in the music biz alongside her 55 million fans.

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The D’Amelio family has also scored their very own reality show with Hulu, which shares an inside look into the not-always-glamorous lives of the TikTok famous sisters.

Their show highlights the sisters’ struggle of maintaining their mental health in the face of intense internet backlash from critics over things like not liking the taste of snail, or breaking up with your sort-of-boyfriend after he kissed another girl.

Alex Cooper, host of the uber-popular podcast Call Her Daddy, brought up the show during a September 29 episode alongside actress and writer Cazzie David — and it’s safe to say that they both walked away with a positive opinion of the D’Amelio siblings after their first watch.

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“I will say, Charli really has good instincts about this s**t,” David said. “And the fact that someone that young knows the cycle of getting hate… she knows that if someone compliments her, she’s gonna get hate, so she doesn’t want anyone to compliment her.”

“That’s really smart, one, and two, really f**king sad that she has had enough experience with that to know the cycle of it,” she added.

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D'Amelio show hate commentsYouTube: Hulu
The D’Amelio Show takes a deep dive into the dark side of TikTok fame for Charli and Dixie.

“Dude, she’s 17, and literally — what was it, she was about to be on the Top 100, whatever the f**k, TIME s**t, and she was like, ‘No, I can’t do this, I will get s**t on,” Cooper interjected. “It’s sad.”

“I think anyone who comes away not being able to empathize with Charli and Dixie is a sociopath,” David continued. “They had observations about fame that I thought were really perceptive.”

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“It makes me sad, but overall, the Charli and the Dixie dynamic, I have nothing but empathy,” Cooper said. “I actually feel really bad [for them].”

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While public opinion on the D’Amelio Show has been decidedly mixed, it looks like Alex Cooper and Cazzie David are big fans of the program and even bigger fans of the D’Amelio sisters for being able to navigate the stormy waters of internet stardom.

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