Dixie D’Amelio responds to Kardashians comparison around new TV show

Dixie D'Amelio alongside Kim KardashianYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio/WikiCommons: Eva Rinaldi

Social media sensation Dixie D’Amelio played down comparisons between her family’s new Hulu show and the iconic Keeping up with the Kardashians series.

With TikTok helping to launch a new wave of influencers and internet stars, the D’Amelio’s have been right at the forefront of things.

Charli D’Amelio is, currently, the most-followed user on TikTok and her sister Dixie isn’t too far behind. They’ve also expanded their reach way outside of the video-sharing platform too, crossing over into the mainstream.

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The family is set to be the subject of a reality show on Hulu, and, of course, it’s naturally drawn comparisons with others – mainly, The Kardashians. However, they don’t want that.

Charli D'Amelio hits back at rumorsTwitter: @dameliofamily / Hulu
The D’Amelio family have become TikTok royalty in the past year.

Speaking to Variety about the new show, Dixie said the comparisons between the families aren’t the worst thing in the world but they’re not exactly trying to follow the Kardashian mold.

“Some people may want to say we’re trying to be like them, but that’s not it at all,” the 19-year-old said. “I don’t mind the comparison. It’s never harmful to be compared to someone who’s so successful.”

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The TikTok star continued: “We’re definitely going to be inspired by some of the moves they make and how successful they are.”

Even though she’s downplayed the comparisons, it’s always going to be something that crops up across social media as it’s unavoidable. Though, if the D’Amelio’s go close to matching The Kardashians’ success, they’ll have done well.

The new show debuts on Hulu on September 3 and promises to give fans an inside look at TikTok’s favorite family.

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