Bryce Hall wants to fight Tayler Holder “in the street” amid accusations

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall wants to fight tayler holder in street brawl

Bryce Hall is adamantly distancing himself from fellow influencer Tayler Holder, claiming he’ll “never” be friends with him again and even saying he’d fight him in the street.

Over the past several months, TikTok star Tayler Holder has been at the center of speculation as murky accusations have risen against the influencer.

While nothing concrete has yet been levied, former friends of the social media personality say the accusations are “serious.” Holder was unfollowed en masse on social media by a slew of top creators in February of this year.

Although Holder himself has never been transparent about the purported allegations, the influencer said there was “a lot of stuff going on offline that should continue to be handled offline” during an episode of the BFFs Podcast.

Tayler Holder posing for a picture
Tayler Holder is a popular TikToker with over 20 million followers.

Since then, Holder has claimed he “has nothing to hide” — but despite this sentiment, Bryce Hall isn’t keen on rekindling his friendship with the Sway House star.

TMZ caught up with Hall during a night out in May 2022 and asked him about his beef with Holder… and whether or not the two would ever be friends again.

Bryce Hall Tayler Holder Instagram post
Bryce Hall notably unfollowed Tayler Holder back in February, posting this message to his Instagram stories amid rumors of allegations against Holder.

Bryce Hall says he’ll “never” be friends with Tayler Holder again

“I would never be friends with [him],” Hall answered. “The s**t that he’s done? F**k no.”

That’s not all — Hall also claimed that there’s no chance he’ll settle the score with Holder in the boxing ring, but he’s more than game to handle it in the streets.

“I would never give him that,” he continued. “I would never. No. I would see him in the street. I would never f**king give him that clout, that credibility, everything. Nothing. …I would never fight him where he would get paid for it.”

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While Hall isn’t interested in boxing Tayler Holder, it seems as though he’s secured a two-vs-one bout against the Island Boys, although nothing has yet been revealed in terms of a fight date or venue.