Charly Jordan blasts Bryce Hall over “unfair” comments on Las Vegas DJ set

Virginia Glaze
bryce-hall-mocks-charly-jordan-dj-set-feud-tiktokYouTube: True Geordie / Instagram: charlyjordan

Influencer and DJ Charly Jordan put TikTok star Bryce Hall on blast after he mocked one of her live performances in Las Vegas.

Although Charly Jordan is most widely known as an influencer, she’s branching out from that label in a big way thanks to her residency in Las Vegas, where she’s flexing her skills as a DJ for late-night crowds of partiers.

Charly has been DJing for years now on top of her status as a social media star, artist, and model… but it doesn’t look like everyone’s a fan of her musical endeavors.

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TikTok star Bryce Hall recently took shots at Charly’s DJ skills in a video that has sparked quite a debate between the two creators. Here’s what went down.

charly-jordan-bryce-hall-feudInstagram: charlyjordan
Charly Jordan boasts a prominent following on social media, on top of her status as a model and DJ.

Bryce Hall mocks Charly Jordan over Vegas DJ set

On February 8, Hall posted a TikTok showing footage of one of Jordan’s live sets, which saw a not-so-lively crowd milling about while she yelled, “Hands up!”

Hall didn’t seem impressed by the music, filming himself acting as though he were talking to other partygoers and not at all excited by Jordan’s energetic beats. That’s not all; the footage Bryce duetted contained a caption that read, “We need to stop making non-talented TikTok people famous.”

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Jordan clapped back at Hall’s video in a now-deleted TikTok clip, where she called his criticism “unfair” and explained that the video was taken on a rainy Wednesday night (not a usually packed day for night clubs).

“I’m extremely disappointed in Bryce’s decision to use his platform to perpetuate the idea that I don’t deserve my residency in Vegas — especially because he hasn’t been to a set of mine in probably over two years,” she said.

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“It’s really immature, sad, and disrespectful when he knows how much work I’ve put in over the past five years to get this residency.”

Jordan went on to express her frustrations with sexism in the industry as a female DJ, saying she was “constantly criticized and over-scrutinized,” along with many other female DJs.

It doesn’t look like Bryce was to put off by her response video, as he made a reply of his own saying that the whole situation wasn’t “that deep.”

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In his video, he also revealed that Jordan had allegedly texted him privately, asking that he ‘keep her name out of his mouth.’

“Is she Will Smith now?” he joked, referencing the actor’s infamous Oscars slap. “Charly, I’m sorry I offended you over a duet. I thought it was a funny video.”

Hall ended his response by offering to make things up to her by going to her next live performance and congratulated her on her residency.

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For now, it’s unclear if these two stars have made up or not — but this unexpected spat came as a surprise to fans, many of whom felt that Jordan overreacted to the situation in comments online.

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