Bryce Hall hit with YouTube strike after “cyberbullying” FaZe Jarvis

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall hit with YouTube strike

TikToker and Sway House member Bryce Hall has been hit with a strike from YouTube due to “harassment and cyberbullying” after leaking FaZe Jarvis’s phone number during a video.

The beef between Bryce Hall and FaZe Jarvis is a relatively new development. Their “feud” first started after Jarvis — best known for being permanently banned from Fortnite over cheating accusations — accidentally leaked Addison Rae’s digits during a YouTube video.

TikTok fans will know that Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are a hugely popular couple on social media, and it didn’t take long for Hall to notice that his girlfriend’s number had been shown to the entire world.

This prompted Hall to hit back by leaking Jarvis’s number in his own video, which he appropriately titled, “Don’t Leak My Girlfriend’s Number.”

Leaking personal information, however, isn’t an offense taken lightly by YouTube, as seen when the platform hit Hall’s channel with a strike for violating its Community Guidelines.

Hall revealed this information in a series of Tweets on December 15, which showed that the offending video had even been removed from his channel.

“My channel got a strike on YouTube, can’t post for a week thus pushing back vlogmas… working on it now,” the star said of the situation.

It doesn’t seem like he’s taking the scandal all too seriously, though, as he later pushed out a post that simply read, “#brycehallisabully.”

“I’ll try not to ‘cyber-bully’ for future videos,” he joked, referring back to YouTube’s reason for his strike, which had been due to “harassment and cyberbullying.”

Jarvis himself, though, hasn’t said a word about the situation publicly — although we can bet that he’s gotten himself a new phone number, in the meantime.

Unfortunately for Bryce, it looks like his current Vlogmas plans have been pushed back for seven days, as he can’t post to his channel for a week after receiving his strike.

Until then, it’s back to TikTok for the Sway House star, who’s beef with the former Fortnite content creator has taken an interesting — if not unexpected — turn.

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