Bryce Hall challenges Deji to boxing match after steroid claims

YouTube: Bryce Hall, Deji / KoolShooters

TikTok star Bryce Hall claims he’s getting back into the boxing ring in 2022, and one of the first opponents he wants to take on is none other than fellow influencer Deji.

Bryce Hall is itching to get back into the ring after his boxing debut in 2021.

The TikToker notably faced off against YouTuber Austin McBroom in the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, ultimately losing the bout but sparking a competitive fire that is flaring up a year later.

Hall has been striking up beef here, there, and yonder on the internet lately, most recently with the Island Boys in an unexpected TikTok feud.

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Bryce Hall claims he will box Deji in 2022

However, his verbal spat with Deji last year has also come back around, with Deji saying that he hopes to box Bryce Hall and even accusing him of using steroids.

Hall has since responded to these accusations by openly challenging Deji to a boxing match during a January 6 YouTube video.

“You know what? Deji, I want you,” he said. “I’ll box you. F**k it. This year, 2022, I’m gonna box Deji.”

Deji accuses Bryce Hall of steroid useYouTube: Deji
Thus far, Deji boasts a 0-2 boxing record, losing to YouTuber Jake Paul and TikToker Vinnie Hacker.

“It feels good to say it,” he continued. “I’m stepping back in the ring, baby! This time, with a W.”

Hall went on to call out several other influencers for potential fights, including Money Kicks and the Island Boys, saying that it would be “fun to punch the tattoos off your stupid faces.”

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Bryce Hall slams claims of using steroids

He went on to respond to Deji’s claims of steroid usage, denying that he was using and reiterating his challenge toward the British YouTuber.

“I’m not on steroids, man,” he claimed. “They know I look good, but this is all natty. You can test me whenever you want. And I will 100% fight you this year if you win your next boxing match.”

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Hall clarified that he wants to fight Deji after earning a 1-1 record and even claimed he would fight him in the United Kingdom, if need be.

For now, Deji has yet to reply to Hall’s challenge, leaving fans anxious to see if these two influencers will actually face off in the boxing ring in the near future.

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