BrookeAB pleads with Twitter to ban stalker who’s sent death threats for two years

BrookeAB pleads Twitter stalkerInstagram: BrookeAB

Popular streamer and 100 Thieves content creator BrookeAB is once again pleading with Twitter to handle her stalker, who has been sending her death threats for two years.

Being a social media star might seem like a charmed life, but this particular career path can include some serious pitfalls — one of which is, unfortunately, serious breaches of personal privacy.

Quite a few content creators have reported incidents of overzealous fans taking things too far, but it’s not always fans who overstep their bounds. In the worst cases, hateful viewers can become outright stalkers — one of whom has been hounding BrookeAB for two years.

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The streamer suddenly left social media in July 2020, coming back a month later to announce that she’d been dealing with frightening instances of severe stalking from multiple offenders.

“…for the last year, I have been targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers that did, and continue to do, everything in their power to hurt me and those who support me with threats of murder, arson, bodily harm, job loss, and the most horrific threats you can imagine,” she wrote.

Now, nearly a year later, BrookeAB has reached out to Twitter in an effort to ban one of these stalkers, who she claims has been making death threats toward her for quite some time.

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The offender had tagged Brooke in a hateful post, where they threatened to kill her and her family while insulting her appearance and asking her to stay away from fellow influencer Corpse Husband.

BrookeAB pleads with Twitter to ban stalkerTwitter: BrookeAB
BrookeAB is pleading with Twitter to ban her stalker after receiving death threats from them for two years straight.

“Any way to perma ban my stalker from making Twitter accounts?” Brooke asked. “They have made death threats daily for two years straight now.”

While Brooke has been met with ample support from fans and fellow content creators, she is far from the only influencer to deal with such abuse; popular streamer Sweet Anita has opened up on multiple occasions about her own stalker, who has slept outside of her home and even attempted to physically assault her while she was out shopping.

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Both BrookeAB and Sweet Anita’s stories shed a light on an ongoing problem that has arisen in the social media age — one that is posing a serious problem for content creators of all walks of life.