BLACKPINK go massively viral on TikTok joining ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ trend

blackpink tiktokTikTok/BLACKPINK

Superstar K-Pop group BLACKPINK has finally joined in on the Jiggle Jiggle trend that has completely taken over TikTok, going massively vial in the process.

The ‘Jiggle Jiggle‘ trend on TikTok, born from documentarian Louis Theroux’s unassuming rap lyrics, has become the latest craze on the social media platform.

The sound bite has inspired droves of users to dance to the accidentally genius bars. While many TikTokers continue to join in on the fun, one specific K-Pop group has joined the trend leaving their fans happier than ever.

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Blackpink in their new music videoYouTube: Blackpink
BLACKPINK is one of the biggest K-Pop groups with a massive global fan base.

BLACKPINK joins Jiggle Jiggle TikTok trend

The group’s take on the Jiggle Jiggle trend was posted to member Rose’s TikTok page, roses_are_rosie.

Rose lead the way for the dance as fellow group members Lisa and Jennie provided quality backup dancing.

The video, posted on May 28, already has a ridiculous 60 million views. While BLACKPINK fans loved that they joined in on the latest viral TikTok trend, they were also wondering where fourth group member Jisso was who didn’t appear in the video.

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One user commented, “Jisoo didn’t join cause she will laugh before they even start.”

Another fan hoped this wasn’t the massive comeback the group has been teasing for quite some time and said, “Treating this as their comeback.”

blackpink tiktok comments

Hopefully, for their millions of fans’ sake, this is not the BLACKPINK comeback they have yet to reveal.

Until that reveal, BLACKPINK stans can continue to follow Rose’s TikTok page where she’s returned to uploading videos.

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