“Hawk tuah” girl becomes TikTok sensation as catchphrase spawns merch and memes

Dylan Horetski
hawk tuah girl

Days after the “hawk tuah girl” went viral on TikTok, fans have begun trying to identify the unknown woman and have even started making merch with the catchphrase.

Interviewers ‘TimandDeeTV’ were in Nashville, Tennessee when they came across the viral woman and her friend, and decided to ask them a few questions for their video.

After saying “hawk tuah” in the clip, it quickly caught on as the internet’s latest catchphrase, leaving viewers in a frenzy trying to identify the unnamed woman.

Users were certain that the viral “hawk tuah” girl was a woman on TikTok by the name of Elayna Robinson at first, but she uploaded a video debunking that claim.

Users have since discovered a comment from TimandDeeTV, the original interviewers of the “hawk tuah” girl, tagging two women — Chelsea Bradford and Hailey Welch — but it appears it may have since been deleted.

Chelsea Bradford has a picture alongside Hailey Welch on her VSCO account, seemingly confirming her and Welch as the viral sensations in the video.

The clip has been turned into a wide variety of memes, with the catchphrase being turned into a template for many videos — including different songs.

One user shared on Twitter/X that he painted a scene from the viral clip showing her friends reaction.

“I painted the Hawk Tuah. I’m adding it to the time capsule,” he said.

The viral catchphrase has even made its way to the Pokemon TCG world, with a professional commentator mentioning it as a Pokemon move name.

“Lost box players only want one thing and it’s disgusting Colress > Flower Selecting > Switch Cart > Flower Selecting > Pay Reatreat > Hawk Tuah Spit on that Thang,” they said.

People across TikTok have started making merch with the catchphrase, including hats, shirts, and more. A company by the name of Fathead Threads on Facebook, though, have managed to get ahold of Hailey — confirmed it was her — and has her signing some of the exclusive merch they’re making.

“HAWK TUAH OFFICIAL!!! We are selling authorized merchandise representing the hawk tuah girl so she is getting part of the proceeds,” they said in a post on June 19.

Fathead threads and hailey welch on facebook

With this collaboration, and the fact that Hailey Welch’s left arm tattoo matches the “hawk tuah” woman, it’s clear that she is, in fact, the viral sensation.

She’s yet to publicly acknowledge that, however, as her apparent TikTok page was made private right after the clip began going viral.

This is just the latest thing to take over TikTok. Carter Vail’s song ‘Dirt Man’ has been stuck in the heads of thousands for several weeks now, sparking many spin-offs of the initial track.

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