What is the ‘money don’t jiggle jiggle’ TikTok sound? Louis Theroux rap goes viral

Sam Comrie
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Louis Theroux has gone viral on TikTok as users are obsessed with his “money don’t jiggle jiggle” rap. Though, some users have been asking just where did the incredible TikTok sound come from? 

Louis Theroux is best known as a journalist and filmmaker, often documenting the obscurities of the world through well-received TV shows. Each show has taken him across the world, with random and strange encounters along the way.

Now, the documentarian and podcaster has unexpectedly stormed TikTok as users flood the platform with Theroux’s rapping skills.

an image of louis theroux rap
Louis Theroux debuted the now-iconic rap on his show Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

What is the Louis Theroux rap TikTok sound?

Before Louis Theroux’s rap became a TikTok sound, it was originally featured in his hit documentary show Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. Airing back in 2000, the last episode of Season 3 ‘Gangster Rap’ had Theroux faced with the task of laying down some bars for American radio listeners.

While Theroux doesn’t initially get off to a smooth start, the filmmaker eventually debuts the famous lyrics “my money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds.”

Now, after 22 years the rap has found new life on TikTok, as Theroux’s rapping has been transformed into a popular TikTok sound. However, the version we’ve become accustomed to is from the YouTube series Chicken Shop Date.

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Duke and Jones, a Manchester-based producing duo, turned the rap into a fully-fledged banger which has now seen more than 30 million views. The new version of Theroux’s rap has become somewhat of an earworm for TikTokers, thanks to Duke and Jones’ infectious beats.

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Dance routines and more caused the rap to trend with TikTok users as of late and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.