Best viral TikTok challenges to try: Deja Vu, Bugs Bunny & more

TikTok: karna.val / addisonre

TikTok has become the home of viral trends on the internet and is particularly well known for the huge number of challenges that have been popularized on the platform. Here are some of the top TikTok challenges.

Many people first joined TikTok thanks to the huge buzz surrounding many of the challenges on the app, which were often participated in by popular stars or even mainstream celebrities.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok challenges, both new and old, that you can try out.

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Deja Vu challenge

The Deja Vu challenge is based around ‘Drivers License’ singer Olivia Rodrigo’s new song ‘Deja Vu’ that was released in early April. Participants will sit next to their friend at more or less the same height, and lip-sync to the song while flipping the popular ‘inverted’ filter on and off.

Addison Rae and Dixie D'Amelio use the inverted filter on TikTok

Combined with some slow head movements, this challenge results in a trippy effect that’s got countless users wanting to give it a try.

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Bugs Bunny challenge

This challenge is filmed to the tune of ‘Gucci’ by Russian artists Timati and Egor Kreed, particularly to the lyric “Bugs Bunny.” Participants lie on the floor in front of a mirror and position their white sock-covered feet above their head so they look like bunny ears.

Two girls participate in the Bugs Bunny TikTok trend

Some choose to add an extra twist to their video, but others like to keep it innocent by imitating the bunny ears alone.

WAP challenge

While WAP became known as a TikTok dance, it was quickly deemed a challenge by many users thanks to the bold nature of the trend. Brian Esperon’s choreography combined with Cardi B’s rap made for a perfect combination and stars like Addison Rae, and even her mom gave it a go.

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Although it was at the height of its popularity in 2020, users are still challenging their favorite creators to participate, with Blackpink’s Rosé recently doing the trend to celebrate 20 million followers on the app.

Tiny Arms challenge

This challenge is a simple yet hilarious one and is similar to the Bugs Bunny challenge in the sense that it relies on a clever camera angle to pull it off.

By putting your phone on a low surface, and holding your arms up in the air, it makes you look as if you have bizarre proportions.

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Ethan Klein and celtmeister participate in the TikTok Tiny Arms Challenge

Many put their video to the tune of Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World.”

Wipe it Down challenge

The Wipe it Down challenge is another trend that still can be seen frequently on TikTok, thanks to the smooth-looking transition in features. To the song ‘Wipe it Down’ by BMW Kenny, participants time their clips so that every time they slide a cloth across a mirror, their appearance changes.

This one can be a little harder to pull off smoothly, but when it works it looks great.

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New trends and challenges are constantly popping up on TikTok, and with more people flocking to the app by the day, there is no shortage of things to try on the platform.

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