What is the viral ‘Bugs Bunny’ challenge on TikTok?

Two girls participate in the Bugs Bunny TikTok trendTikTok: karna.val / jenbear92

A viral TikTok challenge to the tune of Russian song ‘Bugs Bunny’ has people putting their feet in white socks behind their ears on camera to give the illusion of having bunny ears.

TikTok has undoubtedly become the number one spot for viral trends, with new challenges cropping up constantly on the app. A lot of TikTok trends, in particular, tend to be centered around a song, as the platform utilizes ‘Sounds’ as a way of connecting millions of users and videos.

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Some trends based on popular songs have included the Buss It transformation challenge and Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Drivers License’ which sparked a range of both transformation trends, along with try-not-to-laugh challenges and more.

The song ‘Bugs Bunny’ appears to be a remix of a song called ‘Gucci’ by Russian artists Timati and Egor Kreed, originally released in 2018. But the version that’s going viral on TikTok is slowed-down.

The most distinctive part of the song is the portion where they say “Bugs Bunny,” and people have taken that section and turned it into a TikTok trend.

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How to do the ‘Bugs Bunny’ trend

For the challenge, people lie down on their stomach facing a mirror, and by bending their legs upwards, they can position their feet right behind their head so they look like bunny ears.

Many wear white socks to make the trend even more realistic.

While some have just stuck to doing the bunny ears part of the trend, others have added an extra twist to the end of the video.

Click here if TikTok doesn’t load

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TikTokers who have participated in the trend managed to score hundreds and thousands, even millions of likes within only a few days of posting, showing just how popular the Bugs Bunny challenge is.

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