Blackpink’s Rosé goes viral with WAP dance on TikTok, and Cardi B loved it

Instagram: iamcardib / TikTok: roses_are_rosie

Rosé from K-Pop group Blackpink wowed fans by recreating the infamous WAP dance on TikTok, and rapper Cardi B loved the viral video.

The WAP dance, created by choreographer Brian Esperon, became one of the biggest viral dances on TikTok back in August 2020.

Set to Cardi B’s popular song, the moves gained instant traction on the app, spreading across For You Pages across the world, and making plenty of people want to give the bold dance a go. Stars like Addison Rae (and even her mom) broke the internet with their renditions.

But even though the challenge was at its peak in August 2020, it seems that there is still more viral fun to be had out of the trend.

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Blackpink is a four-member Korean girl group that have become immensely popular worldwide for their catchy songs, gaining millions of followers across countless different social media platforms.

Blackpink in their new music videoYouTube: Blackpink
Blackpink are a prime example of K-pop’s immense popularity.

Group member Rosé joined TikTok in March this year, and already the star has over 10 million followers on the platform, with people loving her mix of content, including behind-the-scenes promotional content for her new song, ‘On The Ground.’

Clearly, fans were keen for Rosé to catch up with the trends she missed, and they asked her to do the WAP dance when she reached 10 million followers. She stayed true to her word, and when she finally hit the follower milestone, she shared a video of her doing the popular dance, along with the caption, “#10M, here you go.” She also wrote in the comments, “I keep my promises.”

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It’s safe to say that fans loved her rendition, and at the time of writing the TikTok has over 3 million likes and 14 million views.

But it wasn’t just fans who loved the Rosé’s dance skills. Cardi B herself even reacted to the video on Twitter, and she seemed just as excited.

“She still looks sooo innocent… Sooo buteee,” she wrote, sharing the video with her followers.

The crossover between the two stars came as a welcome surprise, and Rosé’s followers couldn’t be happier with how active she is on TikTok, throwing herself into popular trends.

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