Snoop Dogg calls out Dana White for $2m bet over Jake Paul v Ben Askren fight

Snoop doubles up dana white bet jake paulYouTube: WE tv, Jake Paul, BT Sport

YouTube star Jake Paul is set to face off against Ben Askren in just a month’s time, and it looks like he’s already got some major celebrity support after rap legend Snoop Dogg put a serious amount of cash on his potential victory.

Jake Paul has caused quite a stir in the world of professional boxing and other combat sports as of late. Transitioning from a full-time content creator to a hopeful boxer, Paul has scored three victories in the ring, even taking out former NBA star Nate Robinson last November.

However, Paul has yet to throw down with a “true” fighter, making his upcoming bout with former UFC star Ben Askren quite an intriguing proposition. In fact, the fight has gained such a wide amount of attention that UFC president Dana White put $1 million on Askren coming out on top.

“Let’s be honest, Jake Paul isn’t a ****ing boxer. He’s a YouTube kid,” White said of the bout during an episode of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast — a statement that both Tyson and pro boxer Zab Judah didn’t seem to agree with.

It appears that Snoop Dogg is also contesting White’s now-viral opinion, as he called out the UFC prez in a pointed video on the subject and even challenged him to up the ante by another million dollars.

“Hey Dana White, I see you got faith in your boy, right?” Snoop challenged, as reported by TMZ. “Going up against my guy Jake. You say you got a million? You’re the CEO of UFC. You got more than a million. Put up two. Put up $2 million, and we’ll match it.”

Thus far, Dana White has yet to respond to Snoop’s callout video, but the rapper isn’t the only one to have doubled up on his bet; Jake Paul himself did the same after viewing the Hotboxin’ podcast, claiming he would put $2 million on his chances of winning over Askren.

Askren, however, has reacted to Snoop’s $2 million challenge, slamming the rapper for not having a real grasp on boxing.

“Oh god, did anyone who listened to Snoop Dogg’s commentary of the last fights think he has any understanding of boxing?” the mixed martial artist tweeted. “Because he was totally clueless. Funny, but clueless.”

For now, it remains to be seen if White will take Snoop’s offer, but that isn’t stopping fans from keeping an eagle eye on his social accounts just in case he does.