Jake Paul trolls Ben Askren’s coach with prank call pretending to be ESPN

Georgina Smith
Ben Askren and Jake Paul in pictures next to each otherInstagram: benaskren / jakepaul

YouTuber Jake Paul has continued his training tradition by prank-calling upcoming opponent Ben Askren’s coach, pretending to be someone from ESPN requesting an interview.

Jake Paul has had his attention almost entirely on his boxing career as of late, getting into drama with various fighters and trying to set up fights with huge names for even bigger amounts of money.

The YouTube star is set to fight pro-MMA fighter Ben Askren on April 17, and fans are waiting in anticipation for the fight, torn over who has the better chance at winning.

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Askren even posted screenshots of DMs between him and the younger Paul brother, that showed a fierce exchanging of insults between them ahead of the upcoming fight.

Jake Paul training with Logan PaulInstagram/jakepaul
Jake and Logan Paul have helped make YouTube boxing popular.

Jake definitely isn’t someone to shy away from making the build-up to his fights as drama-filled as possible, and for this training camp he decided to continue his tradition of prank calling his opponent’s coach.

He previously did this with Nate Robinson’s coach prior to their fight in November, so Jake was excited to recreate the prank with his new opponent.

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Jake Paul pranks Ben Askren’s coach

After getting Ben Askren’s coach K9 Bundrage’s number from boxer J’Leon, Jake had friend Dcut make the call. He pretended to be a reporter from sports outlet ESPN, saying they were “reaching out to both camps to see how Ben’s looking.”

K9 revealed that Ben is, “looking very good,” and that he’s “actually better than I actually thought he was gonna be. ” He also went onto say that he’s “very happy to be working with him” and that he “thanks him for the opportunity.”

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However, the call took another turn when Dcut said, “one more question. What do you think it’s gonna taste like when Jake Paul knocks Ben the f**k out, and he sh*ts on him?”

Askren’s coach seemed taken aback by the sudden change in topic, saying, “you’re such a hater, you’re such a hater. And the joke’s on you homie.” Jake finished the call with one final comment, before the trio hung up, looking thrilled thanks to their bizarre prank.

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Fans will be waiting to see if Jake has any more tricks up his sleeve before the fight in April, but fans seem to be enjoying the YouTuber’s content in the lead-up to the event.

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