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Ben Askren on Jake Paul fight: Not teaching lesson because “he’s too stupid to learn”

Published: 14/Mar/2021 3:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


MMA fans want Ben Askren to teach Jake Paul a lesson when they lock horns next month, but he believes there’s nothing to teach him because he is an “idiot” who is “too stupid to learn anything.”

Ben Askren and Jake Paul have been going at it ahead of their fight on April 17. They’re sending each other heated text messages and badmouthing each other in interviews. Jake even trolled Ben’s coach with a hilarious prank call.

The bad blood isn’t slowing down. In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Ben had nothing positive to say about Jake. He even threw his brother, Logan Paul, some shade.


Ben Askren and Jake Paul in pictures next to each other
Instagram: benaskren / jakepaul
Ben Askren and Jake Paul have been going at it in the lead-up to their fight.

The first jab happened when Ben Askren confessed he doesn’t understand why Jake Paul is popular.

“I don’t think there’s any good answer. They’re all like, ‘He does a lot of dumb things.’ Or, ‘He says crazy stuff.’ But it’s like, OK. So? So what,” he said.

“People who I liked, I could name a reason why I liked that person. And with [Jake Paul and Logan Paul], that just doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Despite the fact his fans want him to teach Jake a lesson in the fight, he believes there’s nothing to teach him.


“This guy’s an idiot. What kind of lesson [could I possibly teach him]? He’s too stupid to learn anything.”

Jake Paul and Ben Askren
YouTube: Jake Paul / Twitter: Ben Askren
Jake Paul is less experienced than Ben Askren in the fight game, but anything is possible.

Ben is the more experienced and decorated fighter by a long shot. His professional record is 19 wins and 2 losses. Before his disappointing stint in the UFC, he was the Undefeated ONE Welterweight World Champion. Before that, he was an Olympian wrestler.

However, as Joe Rogan pointed out, he isn’t an “explosive” puncher, which could be his downfall against Jake. After all, it’s an exhibition boxing bout, not a wrestling or mixed-martial-arts match.

So, will he give MMA fans what they want and knock some sense into the cocky ‘heel’ Jake has become? Or will he embarrass them and become Jake’s next victim? We’ll find out in a month.