Who replaced Alissa in Below Deck? Meet Leigh-Ann Smith, new stew in Season 10

leigh-ann below deckInstagram: Leigh-Ann Smith

Below Deck Season 10’s cast has been given another shakeup as Alissa Humber was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn and replaced by Leigh-Ann Smith. Here’s everything we know about the show’s new experienced steward.

Captain Lee Rosbach’s exit from Season 10 has caused a wave of drama to descend over the charter season, with Captain Sandy Yawn inheriting a crew she wasn’t happy with. Many viewers have expressed their desire to see Lee return soon, as well, following a medical update he posted on social media.

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The new cap has fired members of the team and put the others on notice about her expectations, with chief stew Fraser Olander condemning her use of the word “cancer” when delivering feedback.

The latest name on the chopping block was Alissa Humber, who was dismissed over an “intolerable” lack of respect for her boss.

Now, with her out of the picture, who replaces her in the interior team? Let’s take a look.

Who replaced Alissa in Below Deck Season 10?

Alissa Humber was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn, following the same path as her former co-worker Camille Lamb. Alissa was replaced by Leigh-Ann Smith on the show.

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Camille has publicly stated that she thinks Sandy made the right call in the end. Sandy fired Camille first over issues in the interior and later told Alissa to pack her bags as well.

Who is Leigh-Ann Smith?

leigh ann smith below deckInstagram: Leigh-Ann Smith
Leigh-Ann Smith replaced Alissa on Below Deck Season 10.

Alissa Humber’s replacement as a steward on Below Deck was quickly named, and Leigh-Ann Smith joined the cast shortly after her exit. She has previously worked as a chief stew for two years and – according to a teaser – knows one of the current deckhands.

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All of the crew followed Leigh-Ann on Instagram during the charter season and on February 14, she teased her arrival with a picture in uniform.

She said: “Nothing quite like a CV headshot,” with an eyes emoji.

Leight-Ann has just 2,000 followers on Instagram and has been posting images during her travels, from Costa Rica to Cape Town, in South Africa.

The first glimpse of Leigh-Ann was featured in a Bravo exclusive preview clip, as seen below.

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A number of photos also show her working in yachting, making her possibly an ideal fit for the crew in Saint Lucia.

Her next journey, though, will take Leigh-Ann to Captain Sandy’s luxury St. David yacht in Season 10.

To watch the new cast member’s debut on the show, check out Bravo’s schedule here.

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