Camille Lamb takes shot at Alissa after brutal Below Deck double firing

below deck camille and alissaBravo

Camille Lamb has taken a shot at former co-worker and Below Deck Season 10 star Alissa Humber after she suffered the same fate – being fired by Captain Sandy Yawn.

Captain Sandy was forced to make another tough decision about the crew she adopted mid-charter season, after previously letting Camille go. She has since branded herself the “scapegoat” for the crew’s poor performance.

This time, it was another member of the interior team to be cut, Alissa. Sandy said she was showing an “intolerable” lack of respect.

“It never feels good to fire a crew member,” Sandy explained. “You’re ending their income and, as a captain, I have to make the hard decisions, and I have to live with them.”

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Camille responds to Alissa firing on Below Deck

Since the double firing, Camille has appeared on the show indirectly, after being spotted FaceTiming deckhand Ben Willoughby discussing the decision.

Responding to the news, she simply said: “Good riddance.”

As reported on Bravo TV, she also said the following in a confessional: “I’ve been vindicated.

“I was always seeing her, you know, be, for lack of a better term, awful, and she’s shown her face. I’m satisfied that people got to see what I saw. Hashtag Justice for Camille.”

You can watch a recap of a row between Camille and Alissa below, from Bravo.

It’s unlikely that the duo will cross paths again in the near future, but speaking to E! News Alissa says they have spoken to each other about their differences.

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One thing is for certain, though, neither of them will be expected to return in Season 11.

There is a member of the crew gunning for a comeback, though, and that’s Captain Lee – who gave fans an encouraging medical update on February 21.