Below Deck viewers flame “toxic” Captain Sandy after leaving Fraser in tears

captain sander and fraser below deckBravo

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn is in hot water with viewers after her feedback to chief stew Fraser Olender left him in tears.

It is fair to say Sandy has been a divisive stand-in captain for Season 10, after Captain Lee was forced to take a break from the role on medical grounds – ruling himself out of contention for Season 11.

Lee has even called out the decision to fire Camille Lamb on Twitter, prompting a response from his replacement on a radio station. On January 24, he said: “So I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before. Ok?”

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Sandy said she gave him a courtesy call about the decision and needed to make a call on the crew member swiftly.

Now, it appears Sandy has found another problem in the crew – popular chief stew, Fraser.

Fraser Olender in tears over Captain Sandy Yawn comment

While Captain Sandy has gone on record saying she would rather work with Fraser versus former Below Deck Med star Hannah Terrier, she has become increasingly frustrated by him during the charter season.

Sandy fired Terrier for being in possession of contraband drugs in Season 5 of BDM.

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As seen in the full recap below from Hayu, she has accused her newest interior team of rushing guests off the boat, calling them out over the radio.

In the latest episode of the show, the captain delivered some brutal feedback to Fraser in front of the crew, and fans have taken issue with one comment in particular.

“When I see where we can change things, I expect you to go downstairs and shoulder what I just told you,” Sandy said, learning that Fraser had discussed his feelings about her to other crew members. “That needs to be improved and not permeate the boat with cancer… You have now infected my entire program. The fish stinks at the head and right now you are that head.”

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Sandy went on to say that she has seen “insubordination and just blatant disrespect” from the crew, starting with Fraser.

Breaking into tears, Fraser said: “If someone refers to cancer to me ever again with what I went through with my father it makes me disgusted. The fact that she thinks so negatively of me makes me feel utterly horrendous.”

He has since said the comment felt as if it was designed to “break” him.

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Below Deck fans respond to Sandy’s “cancer” comment”

Many viewers have leaped to the defense of Fraser, with users describing Captain Sandy as a “toxic” boss to work for.

One replied to his tweet: “That was not constructive Fraser, it was bullying and it was made to break you! It’s your first time and you’re doing amazing and she is faulting you at every hurdle! We see how well you’re doing and the guests clearly love you.”

“It it was constructive, she would have helped guide you better instead of just criticizing.”

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Another said: “Captain Sandy is one of the most toxic bosses ever. She’s cruel, condescending, and reactive.”

A third posted: “She was wrong. She handled it wrong. Just wrong any way you slice it.”

Whether or not Fraser will continue on as chief stew on Below Deck US remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, he will be hoping one crew member returns to the Med soon.

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