BadBunny under fire for claiming her life has “more value” than viewers’

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer ‘BadBunny’ is being criticized after she told her own viewers that her life had “more value” than theirs.

The incident began on May 11, after the streamer read a message from one of her viewers, which said they “respected her” and “everything she offers.”

Despite the kind words towards her, BadBunny dismissed them for not including a donation. “Then give me f**king money!” she blasted. “That’s the way that I register your respect. Do you understand?”

After claiming she would start ignoring her viewers, BadBunny went into a rant about how her life was worth more than theirs.

“My value is so much more than all of your value put together. Everyone in this chat,” she boasted. “I know every life has value, but like, my life is far more valuable.”

This isn’t the first time BadBunny has blasted her own viewers, either: In January, she claimed that people who watch her without subscribing “don’t respect” her as content creator.

“Your lives have value, but mine is much more valuable than your life,” she continued. “The fact that you don’t even acknowledge this really disgusts me.”

She then proceeded to compare her situation to witnessing a “super ugly dude” going up to an attractive woman and asking her out on a date.

This isn’t the first time BadBunny has blasted her viewers.

“You think we’re on the same level. That’s insulting. And the fact that you think, chatters, that you are on the same level of value as I am, is to be quite frank, insulting,” she rudely concluded.

It’s unclear whether the streamer was trolling or if she was serious, but a clip from her stream quickly went viral, being shared by big names such as Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

“I love Twitch, but people like this just make the platform look worse than it already does,” one user wrote.

“Bro who does she think she is?” another commenter asked.

The streamer has yet to address the drama or apologize for the comments at the time of writing.

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