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BadBunny under fire for claiming her life has “more value” than viewers’

Published: 12/May/2020 22:34

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer ‘BadBunny’ is being criticized after she told her own viewers that her life had “more value” than theirs.

The incident began on May 11, after the streamer read a message from one of her viewers, which said they “respected her” and “everything she offers.”

Despite the kind words towards her, BadBunny dismissed them for not including a donation. “Then give me f**king money!” she blasted. “That’s the way that I register your respect. Do you understand?”

After claiming she would start ignoring her viewers, BadBunny went into a rant about how her life was worth more than theirs.

“My value is so much more than all of your value put together. Everyone in this chat,” she boasted. “I know every life has value, but like, my life is far more valuable.”

This isn’t the first time BadBunny has blasted her own viewers, either: In January, she claimed that people who watch her without subscribing “don’t respect” her as content creator.

“Your lives have value, but mine is much more valuable than your life,” she continued. “The fact that you don’t even acknowledge this really disgusts me.”

She then proceeded to compare her situation to witnessing a “super ugly dude” going up to an attractive woman and asking her out on a date.

This isn’t the first time BadBunny has blasted her viewers.

“You think we’re on the same level. That’s insulting. And the fact that you think, chatters, that you are on the same level of value as I am, is to be quite frank, insulting,” she rudely concluded.

It’s unclear whether the streamer was trolling or if she was serious, but a clip from her stream quickly went viral, being shared by big names such as Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

“I love Twitch, but people like this just make the platform look worse than it already does,” one user wrote.

“Bro who does she think she is?” another commenter asked.

The streamer has yet to address the drama or apologize for the comments at the time of writing.


TikToker Cody Orlove’s dramatic messages to his ex leaked by hacker

Published: 24/Oct/2020 23:31

by Charlotte Colombo


Overnight, a mysterious hacker under the name of @btxsnail has seemingly taken over Cody Orlove’s Instagram account, posting a range of conversations and photos that not only sheds light on his troubled relationship with ex Zoe LaVerne, but also reveals that he has a new secret girlfriend.

Zoe LaVerne and Cody Orlove were largely seen as one of TikTok’s most long-term and happy couples. They were together for two years (briefly breaking up in March 2019 following allegations that LaVerne cheated) before eventually splitting for good in June 202o.

While the breakup was initially amicable, LaVerne soon accused Orlove of being physically abusive, while Orlove denied the accusations – claiming in a lengthy Instagram comment that they “both engaged in unhealthy behaviours” and were in a “toxic relationship.”

With leaked messages between LaVerne and Orlove now being made public, the true complexity of their relationship is unfolding.


laverne orlove 1
Instagram: Cody Orlove
While the two are initially amicable, the conversation soon sours.

While an exchange between the two in July initially started off positive, with Orlove stating that he “only wanted to protect” Zoe, it didn’t take long for the conversation to take a more sour turn, with LaVerne hitting out at her “immature” ex for posting a “couple goals” photo with her friend and asking him to “stop talking about [her]” and “leave [her] alone”.

In response, Orlove denied these accusations asking her: “Why would I post that on my feed?”

“I haven’t hurt you close amount to the emptiness you put me through,” he continues.

He then requests that the two only communicate through lawyers from now on, to which LaVerne responds by saying she’s “broke” and can’t afford lawyers.

laverne orlove 2
Instagram: Cody Orlove
The conversation ends with the two breaking off contact for good.

She says: “Like, it makes no sense? Like, you already know I’m broke so thank you. Shows me how much of a d*ck you are”.

As well as this tense exchange, the hacker also posted screenshots of a conversation between Orlove and Zoe LaVerne’s former best friend, Amber VanPelt, which sheds light on how these two friends became fractured.

As well as accusing 19-year-old La Verne of having an “intense” relationship with 13-year-old TikTok star Connor Joyce – which she claims is akin to “p**dophillia” – she also describes LaVerne as being “toxic to [her] mental health”, even going as far as posing as VanPelt’s ex boyfriend Jack on a texting app.

tiktokroom amber
Instagram: tiktokroom
The leaked conversation between VanPelt and Orlove contains a range of serious accusations against LaVerne.

VanPelt also claims that LaVerne “talks nothing but poor” of Orlove, claiming that he used texting apps to send hate to VanPelt and telling mutual friends that Orlove would “beat the sh*t out of her.”

Alongside these revelations about LaVerne, the hacker also uncovered evidence that Orlove was in a new relationship, as he uploaded an intimate image of him and another girl.

Orlove has told fans he is “aware of the situation”, explaining that he is “trying [his] best to end it”, while LaVerne appeared to deny all accusations made during an Instagram live. She was also joined by Connor Joyce, who encouraged fans to “spread love, not hate”.