Twitch streamer under fire after take about obese people go viral

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch streamer Fanfan has responded to backlash after going viral for making comments about obesity during a live broadcast.

Fanfan is a streamer who typically goes live under the “Just Chatting” category of Twitch.

Her streams are usually made up of talking to her viewers about her life and the news of the day, but during her latest broadcast, she decided to tackle a more pressing topic: Obesity.


Streamer’s obesity comments go viral

While she was streaming on December 15, Fanfan talked to her audience about what people shame others for, when she brought up the topic of obesity.

She said, “When you go to a hotel, and they have a roped-off area for smoking, a dedicated smoking area, why don’t they f***ing have that for obese people? I know they don’t have that for heroin users, but why do we not shame people who are morbidly obese? It’s bad for them!”

The clip of her comments instantly gained traction online, quickly racking up over 70,000 views.

She later offered a response to all the attention to clip got, saying: “The whole thing that I was saying was that we should not be glorifying people who are morbidly obese, which makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“We should not be seeing someone who has health problems because they ate themselves until obese and call them brave,” the streamer continued. “I stand by it.”

Despite the backlash her comments received, the streamer stood by what she said and offered some clarity for her stance on the subject.