LilyPichu responds to accusations of cheating on Michael Reeves

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star, musician and Offline TV member Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki has hit back at trolls on Reddit after being accused of cheating on fellow streamer and entertainer Michael Reeves.

LilyPichu’s relationship with Reeves was preceded by her highly emotional split from streamer Albert ‘Sleightlymusical’ Chang in late 2019, after he admitted to being unfaithful to Ki following subtweets on the matter made by Offline TV members Pokimane and Fedmyster.

While the drama surrounding their split has since died down, it seems that a new scandal has risen to take its place, with Ki addressing further accusations of infidelity made by Reddit trolls — this time, against her.

Twitch star LilyPichu is now dating fellow streamer and content creator Michael Reeves, following her split from broadcaster Sleightlymusical in 2019.

Pichu spoke out on the subject in a series of pointed Tweets on May 11, hitting back at claims that she was cheating on new beau Michael Reeves with Fedmyster, as alleged by trolls in her private messages on Reddit.

“I had a drunk stream with friends recently, which was very fun, but I do not find it fun how some people people have messaged me insinuating I’m cheating on Michael by being close to Fed,” she wrote. “It’s super f**king gross and out of line, and disappointing to read.”

That’s not all; she also revealed that one offender had repeatedly spammed the accusations in many of the Offline TV members’ subreddits, leading LilyPichu to ultimately avoid private messaging, altogether.

The streamer went on to admit that the subject of cheating is somewhat “touchy” for her, as she recently got over a heartbreak after dealing with infidelity from her previous relationship with Sleightlymusical.

“I am, admittedly, a little touchy about cheating, so it made me [pouting face] for a bit, might have overreacted,” she continued. “Sorry. Stay comfy. I will be back to stream DnD tomorrow.”

Fans have since come out in support of Ki’s situation, with many decrying the accusations made by the Reddit trolls and reiterating that Fed and Pichu are merely longtime friends.

While both Reeves and Fed have yet to speak out on the situation, Lily is supported by a community in the midst of yet another difficulty regarding her private love life in the face of further drama and speculation.