Body paint streamer slams Twitch over “unacceptable” permaban

Dylan Horetski
Instagram barelyalex

Body paint streamer barelyyalex took to Twitter/X to slam Twitch after being permabanned from the platform during a stream.

Over the last few years, body paint artists have taken to live streaming their art on Twitch and gaining mass followers in the process.

The site’s TOS includes specific rules for those taking part in the creativity, with rules specifically requiring streamers cover the more private areas of the body.

Barelyyalex is one of those creators but was recently permanently banned from the platform. Shortly after, she took to Twitter/X to share her thoughts.

Barelyyalex says she was following body paint stream rules

Soon after the ban, Alex took to her Twitter/X account to slam Twitch for the “unacceptable” ban and mentioned that she was following the body art rules perfectly.

On top of that, Alex said in her tweet that she was follow-botted and mass-reported by trolls which led to her getting banned.

“This is so wildly unacceptable and unfair. I got follow botted and my chat was full of trolls reporting me,” she said.

The Twitch streamer appealed the ban decision, but Alex says that the platform “reviewed it instantly” and decided that she should stay indefinitely banned.

As Alex shared in her tweet, Twitch’s Community Guidelines has a special section just for streamers doing body art on the platform.

“For streams dedicated to body art, full chest coverage is not required, but those who present as women must completely cover their nipples & areola with a layer of non-transparent clothing or a paint & latex combination (artist-grade pasties, tape, latex, or similar alternatives are acceptable),” it reads.

“This coverage must be applied before streaming begins, not on-stream. Buttocks and genitals must also be fully covered by opaque attire. In addition, we ask that streamers add a Sexual Themes Content Classification Label when painting on their chests or buttocks.”

Alex appears to have had all of the proper areas of her body covered during her stream according to guidelines, so we’ll have to wait to see if Twitch decides to reverse the ban in the near future.