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Amouranth blames “moron” troll for getting her banned on Twitch

Published: 12/May/2020 11:25

by Calum Patterson


Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, one of the most popular streamers on the Twitch platform, has now revealed why she was suspended for 24 hours on May 11, claiming Twitch gave “power to the trolls.”

As it was her third ban, many suspected the punishment to be longer than previous instances, but after only 24 hours, she was back and livestreaming to her thousands of fans.

It was initially unclear why her channel had been suspended, as Twitch does not publicly comment on community guideline violations, but Amouranth herself has revealed the cause on her return stream.

Amouranth streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Amouranth
Amouranth was suspended for 24 hours on May 11, her third ban.

‘Troll’ gets Amouranth banned

According to Siragusa, she had been reading through ‘ban appeals’ (where banned users from her chat request to be unbanned), when the incident occurred.

One of the banned users put an explicit image as their picture for the appeal, and then reported Amouranth’s channel when she reviewed it.

“Yay, power to the trolls,” Amouranth said sarcastically during her ASMR stream on May 12. “I get in trouble for it, because someone else was a moron.”

Twitch has taken a harsh stance on even brief and accidental showing of explicit content in the past though, so it’s not surprising that Amouranth faced a 24-hour ban.

xQc was famously banned from the platform for showing explicit content for mere seconds, something which fans claimed was too harsh. Since then, Twitch has made their policy on such content even clearer, after criticism that it was too vague.

Only days before her latest ban, Amouranth told her viewers that in the past, Twitch has given her a pass on possible violations as long as she deleted the VOD and any clips of the incident. “Twitch said that if something pops up on your screen now, as long as you end the stream and delete the VOD, and delete the clips, then you’re fine.”

Clearly, on this occasion, Twitch felt it necessary to hand down a suspension, regardless of any efforts the streamer may have made to remove the offending content.


Dixie D’Amelio hits back at claims her parents treat her badly

Published: 17/Nov/2020 17:31

by Jacob Hale


Dixie D’Amelio is one of the biggest names on social media right now, as a TikTok sensation and older sister of the app’s most followed creator, Charli D’Amelio.

Dixie has little under 50 million followers on the platform, making her one of the top five followed creators on there, as well as spreading her fan base across other platforms, including YouTube.

That said, a lot of fans seem to think she lives somewhat in her younger sister’s shadow, with Charli being no less than an absolute dominant force on TikTok, on the verge of hitting 100 million followers at the time of writing.

As such, some fans seem to believe that the D’Amelio parents show favoritism towards Charli, or treat Dixie badly — but she’s responded to critics and let them know the score.

dixie and charli damelio on Instagram
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Charli and Dixie have seen unrivalled success on TikTok.

While accusations about the D’Amelio parents have been ongoing for some time now, Dixie had clearly had enough when scrolling through TikTok comments on November 16.

As posted by TikTokroom, Dixie responded to at least two comments saying similar things. The first saw Dixie simply say “no” to someone who suggested that “her mom always looks so embarrassed of her” but not of Charli.

The second was a response to someone asking why Dixie’s parents “treat her so badly” — to which she simply replied that “they don’t.”

Dixie D'Amelio tiktok comments
Dixie was very blunt with those making accusations of her parents’ alleged favoritism.

The D’Amelio family has come under a fair amount of flak due to this issue, something that all family members — both parents and children — have vehemently denied in the past.

It goes without saying that Dixie firmly believes her parents treat the siblings equally, and it’s probably not nice for them to see comments such as these, even despite all of the success they’ve had on TikTok.

Hopefully this will slow down the amount of fans firing accusations at the TikTok parents — though we’re not sure how likely that is.