Fitness streamer freaks out after spider hijacks Twitch broadcast

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer ‘ImVixie’ nearly had a meltdown during a May 12 broadcast when a spider infiltrated her house and startled the Norwegian entertainer.

ImVixie was in the middle of a fitness stream when she spotted a spider in her house and went into full panic mode, stopping everything she was doing in the process.

With her hands on her head, the 5’7 streamer stared at the wall trying to see where the lost eight-legged insect had run off to.

ImVixie was really freaked out.

“I can’t see it!” she exclaimed while rocking back and forth. “It’s gone.”

A few moments later, much to the dismay of the fitness guru, she spotted it moving yet again. “It’s moving!” she cried. “It’s moving fast.”

ImVixie started taking deep breaths.

The clearly distraught streamer started breathing heavily while wielding a kleenex intended to slay the creature.

“I need to like, prepare,” she said, psyching herself up.

The whole scene was certainly bizarre, with Vixie unsure how to act or deal with the spider, causing her to speak quickly and incoherently.

However, according to the streamer, she didn’t end up killing the insect, and wanted to take her mind off the ordeal by making food.

“I don’t know if I would call it a phobia,” the streamer replied when asked about the spider situation. “But I’m very, very scared of it.”

“I guess that’s a phobia. I don’t know. Like, I know in my head it’s super stupid, and it makes absolutely no sense,” she added. “But then like, I can’t help it.”

The fear of spiders is referred to as arachnophobia, and affects up to 6.1% of the global population.

Hopefully, the streamer can find the courage to confront her fear in the near future so she can stream in peace.

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