Asmongold wants Natalie Reynolds charged after “almost killing someone” for Kick content

Michael Gwilliam
asmongold discusses kick streamer natalie reynolds

Twitch star Asmongold wants Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds charged after a woman almost drowned on her stream.

On May 29, Reynolds was partaking in Ice Poseidon’s scavenger hunt when she offered a woman $20 to jump into a lake and find an RFID tag for her.

Once the woman jumped in head-first, she proceeded to argue with the streamer, and then began screaming about how she “can’t swim.”

Reynolds fled the scene in a vehicle as a firetruck drove past, supposedly to rescue the woman. While the streamer defended her actions, claiming the woman “got the help she needed” and even wanted to swim, she’s been under fire from viewers and other creators alike.

One such critic is Twitch’s Asmongold, who revealed that if it were up to him, Reynolds would be charged with a crime and accused of her “almost killing” the woman for content.

“If I convinced somebody to jump in a lake, and they were drowning, and were gonna die, like, ask somebody to go get a f**king life raft,” he said, adding that there were probably 50 life vests nearby.

That’s not all; Asmongold even thinks that there needs to be some form of punishment levied on the streamer for her actions and a simple ban from Kick wouldn’t suffice.

“Now, in my opinion, with something like this, what do you need to have happen with this? I want to see there be legal accountability for something like this. I don’t care about getting banned from a website. I feel like the reason people feel so fresh doing this stuff, is because they know they can get away with it.”

According to Asmongold, if there were a trial and it were to go to a jury, Reynolds would be convicted.

“I think that if this went to a jury, and she did get charged with something, she would 100% probably go to jail,” he remarked. “And the only chance that maybe she wouldn’t, is she’s a woman. If a guy did this, he’d be going to jail, 100%. Wouldn’t even be a question. She’s stupid as well. This is another situation where it’s a Kick streamer doing something like this.”

So far, Natalie has yet to be charged, nor has she been banned from the platform. This isn’t the first time she’s caused controversy either. In the last two years, she’s faced accusations of animal abuse. In 2023, for speared a wild boar on stream, and earlier in 2024, she caught a shark and proceeded to sit on it.

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