Author’s debut novel becomes best-seller after TikTok clip goes viral

Virginia Glaze

Texas author Shawn Werner’s debut novel has become a best-seller after a TikTok clip showing the writer selling his book at a grocery store took social media by storm.

TikTok is a haven for viral content of all sorts. In the past, the app has sparked interest in a slew of products, and has even caused a few of them to sell out in stores.

Items like a pink slip-dress from Zara became unavailable in the brand’s online shop in the blink of an eye, and Steve Madden bags were quick to disappear from retailers after they became popular on TikTok.

Now, it looks like there’s another big seller on the rise, thanks to TikTok’s magic — and it’s warming hearts across the internet.

Author’s book becomes best-seller thanks to viral TikTok

On July 2, TikTok user ‘Red’ posted a video to the platform showing Texas author Shawn Warner doing a book signing at a local grocery store for his very first novel.

“This new author seemed super defeated when I walked past him,” the poster wrote. “So before I left the store, I decided to go back.”

In his video, Red made sure to promote the author and his book, ‘Leigh Howard And The Ghosts Of Simmons-Pierce Manor,’ which follows a teenage girl and her adventures with a ghost who has multiple personalities.

The heart wrenching clip took TikTok by storm, racking up over 17 million views in just five days. Commenters were quick to claim they’d buy his book — and buy it, they did.

In just four days’ time, Warner’s book rose to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list, as told by Red in a follow-up video. It’s true; one look at Amazon’s best-seller list shows Warner’s novel in the number-one spot.

Warner even created a TikTok account in the wake of his viral success and published a reaction video thanking all the viewers who brought his novel into the spotlight on Amazon.

“I want to thank everybody for the love and the kindness on the video that Red posted,” he said. “It’s totally unexpected. I’m in shock. I don’t even know what to say about it at the moment.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that TikTok has pushed an author’s work to the forefront; back in February, the daughter of novelist Lloyd Devereux Richards promoted her father’s work on TikTok eleven years after he’d published it, similarly sending the book to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list.

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