Daughter makes her dad’s novel a best-seller after turning to TikTok for help

tiktok user makes dads book go viralTikTok: stonemaidens

A woman is taking social media by storm after she turned to TikTok to help her father’s 11-year-old novel become a best seller on Amazon.

Eleven years ago, author Lloyd Devereux Richards wrote a thriller novel following the journey of a forensic anthropologist tailing a serial killer who leaves a curious calling card: Stone figures.

Published in 2011, Richards had actually been building the novel for fourteen years prior — but despite finally publishing his life’s work, the story didn’t really go anywhere for some time.

That is, until his daughter turned to TikTok for help. She created an account named after her father’s book — “Stone Maidens” — in the hopes that creating a video telling her dad’s story would help shed some light on his creative project.

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Within just four days, her video has racked up over 41 million views and counting. The heartfelt clip explains that, although he put his family first, he always managed to make time for his book, too.

Now, decades later, “Stone Maidens” is the talk of the town and has even soared to the #1 Best-Seller list on Amazon in ‘Police Procedurals.’

Daughter makes dad’s book go viral on TikTok

That’s not all — it even sold out within 24 hours thanks to the community over on TikTok, who are praising Richards and his daughter for their newfound achievements.

“It’s currently unavailable and number one on Amazon!” one user wrote. “Congrats to him!”

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“Moments like this are why I stay on this app,” another said. “The love and generosity from people is astounding. There is definitely more good than evil.”

stone maidens comments copyTikTok: stonemaidens

Richards’ daughter went on to thank TikTok for propelling her dad’s book to fame. In a follow-up video, she showed her father all of the positive comments his book had received on the platform, causing the author to tear up and say “thank you all morning.”

Those interested can purchase a paperback copy “Stone Maidens” on Amazon for $9.00.

This is just the latest heartwarming story to take over TikTok after Keith Lee teamed up with a YouTuber to give away $5,000 worth of shoes for people in need.

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