Asmongold slams Blizzard employees claiming he ruined WoW community: “It’s disgusting”

Lauren Bergin

Twitch star Asmongold has hit back at Blizzard employees and haters alike after they claimed he is the reason for the WoW community’s decline. 

While Asmongold has quickly become the Twitch king of MMOs, his meteoric rise to FFXIV fame and temporary departure from WoW has placed a target on his back.

One Blizzard employee actively called the streamer an “a**hole,”prompting mass backlash that eventually led to Asmon pleading with fans to stop sending death threats to the employee in question.

It appears that Blizzard’s staff have been implicated in yet another round of Asmongold bashing, however, and he’s having absolutely none of it.

Asmongold streaming
Asmongold has been the subject of a whole range of hate since WoW’s decline.

Asmongold calls Blizzard commenters “disgusting”

In an August 10 tweet, the streamer noted “recently more than ever I’ve been accused of harassment when I’ve had the audacity to defend myself and my community.”

Concluding with “I don’t punch down, I don’t punch up, I punch back,” he’s gone on-stream to clarify why he made the tweet.

“I was reading a lot of comments about this on Twitter saying that it’s my fault the [WoW] community is trash,” he states. “I’m very upset about this, and the reason that I’m mad about it is because I’ve been hearing a lot of people, and this includes Blizzard employees, who have been making comments and giving their seal of approval to these negative comments about me.

“How many people have we seen that have gotten doxxed, and swatted, and had people show up at their house, and weird stalkers and s**t like that. A lot, recently. Too many. And whenever a Blizzard employee gives their stamp of approval to a comment that vilifies me as a person, it enables that behaviour.

“And it’s not your personal account when you are verified because you work at Blizzard. It is absolutely disgusting. And the entitlement, that people think they can say that negative s**t about me and I have to measure myself and just sit there and take it – suck a f**king d**k.

“Enabling that behavior, people trying to bring this into my real life… I talk about the game, I talk about things I don’t like about the game. You make it personal. It’s disgusting, and I’m tired of it. It enables that kind of behavior, it makes those people feel righteous in the way they act when they take things over the line. I did nothing.”

Concluding that “I never put anyones names or words in my mouth, they do that to me,” he notes “I’m probably more angry about this than I should be, but I am. I am extremely upset about this. And it’s not just people that work at Blizzard, it’s also people that work on WoWhead.”

“I want to let anybody know: if you subtweet about me or you talk about me, or you make hate threads about me, and you’re a community member, I’m going to call your b**ch a** out. I don’t care. Don’t make a community talking s**t about me as a person… If you turn and you make it personal, I’ll make it twice as personal.”

Importantly, at the beginning of the segment he highlights that he’s “no white knight,” but goes on to note that when he has done bad things “he takes accountability for them,” something that he clearly hopes Blizzard and his haters will do in the future.

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