Asmongold on Blizzard employee receiving death threats: “I have no tolerance for this”

Asmongold World of WarcraftAsmongold

Twitch star Asmongold has condemned the death threats made against Blizzard employee Christie Golden.

World of Warcraft has entered a new chapter in the Shadowlands expansion with the update Chains of Domination. A new cinematic has come with the update, as well as advancement in the Sylvanas storyline.

Left on a cliffhanger once more at the end of the new raid Sanctum of Domination, WoW Shadowlands players are left eager for the Sylvanas storyline to finally wrap up. This has lead to frustration in the community, and World of Warcraft writer Christie Golden has received death threats over the situation.

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Asmongold took to his stream to address the behavior coming from the WoW community.

“Even if you’re not happy with the story, sending them a death threat isn’t gonna make them think, ‘aw man, you know what, we really should’ve done what they wanted,'” he exclaimed to his audience.

He continued, “Let’s make sure that we don’t have any of this happen. If there’s anybody in my community that does this, if we find out about this, I have no problem cooperating with Twitch, about getting people’s information to the authorities, because that’s where it should be. I have no tolerance for this at all.”

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The streamer made sure to condemn this type of behavior with these comments made on stream in an attempt to expel anybody from his community who would harass a Blizzard employee.

Asmongold had recently found himself in a bout with a Blizzard employee just a few days ago, as one of their employee’s called him an a**hole on Twitter.

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