Asmongold blasts Blizzard dev for constant toxicity in WoW: “You don’t care about harassment”

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Asmongold called out Blizzard senior developer Jeff Hamilton after he liked a Tweet that insinuated the streamer was the reason the World of Warcraft community is toxic.

MMO star Asmongold has been on a rampage as of late, calling out World of Warcraft developers Blizzard for their “frat boy” workplace and their less than stellar job at improving World of Warcraft’s major issues.

Blizzard has been a mess recently as stories have been revealed of the toxic workplace it harbored, leading to Activision Blizzard workers leading a strike outside the companies building.

On August 7, the streamer had some choice words for a high-ranking Blizzard developer.

Asmongold fires back

Asmon reacted to Blizzard senior system designer Jeff Hamilton’s liked-tweet, which blamed him for the toxicity that exists within the WoW community.

“It seems like taking /spit out of the game while you let people say the n-word… you don’t care about harassment. You don’t care about toxicity. You care about protecting the feelings of your whales. Shut the f**k up. It’s pathetic, absolutely f**king pathetic. I have to read this bulls**t, right, that get’s the seal of approval from the people that work at the game, who make the game this way,” the streamer ranted.

“I’ll tell you something, if somebody was a senior system designer in another company and they actually had, you know, tenure or job security they’d be out on their f**king ass if they spent two expansions making the dogs**t trash garbage that they’ve been doing with BfA and Shadowlands,” he added.

Asmongold capped off his thrashing speech against Blizzard with “Before you call me toxic, deal with you’re own f**king game.”

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Activision Blizzard has been dealing with the fallout of their massive workplace scandal.

Asmongold obviously took great issue with the idea that he’s the one responsible for World of Warcraft’s toxic community problems. Instead, he points to a lack of care on the developers’ parts around the popular MMO, which he thinks really brought about the game’s “toxic” culture.