Asmongold questions ‘competitive’ Fall Guys following Twitch Rivals drama

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Asmongold Fall Guys Twitch Rivals

Asmongold weighed in on the stream-sniping drama between Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and other streamers in the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event, and he believes games that depend on public lobbies shouldn’t be used in competitive tournaments.

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Millions of viewers tuned in around the world to watch the Twitch Rivals Super Team Tournament at GlitchCon. However, the biggest talking point happened in the Fall Guys event after Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was caught stream-sniping his opponents.

It ignited a drama between some of the most popular streamers on Twitch. Shroud and Tyler1 were shocked and appalled by his behavior since it was a competitive tournament with a prize pool.

xQc acknowledged what he did was wrong and apologized. Still, the incident has sparked widespread discussion about whether Fall Guys and other games with public lobbies are suitable for competitive tournaments.

Asmongold Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
The Twitch Rivals Super Team Tournament wrapped up with Fall Guys as the final event.

Asmongold has never been one to hold back his opinions. Now, the popular streamer has shared his two cents worth on the issue, and he believes it’s inappropriate to include Fall Guys in competitive tournaments.

“Here’s the thing… it’s a d**k thing to do to cheat in the game and stream snipe the other guy,” he said. “But the other guy was getting free wins. Like, they were giving him free wins.”

“Stream sniping is dumb. Getting free wins is dumb. But you know what’s really even dumber than all of it? Sitting there trying to do a competitive game, putting money on the f**king line for Fall Guys,” he added.

Asmongold Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
Asmongold has chimed in on many issues in the past.

However, Asmongold’s intention is not to throw shade at Fall Guys. Instead, he is more concerned about the nature of hosting a competitive event in a public lobby, which he goes on to explain. 

“Whenever everybody is queuing into a public f**king lobby, half of the lobby is going to be snipers, the other half is going to be fans, and there’s gonna be like three 12-year-olds that are hopped up on Mountain Dew and Adderall that are probably going to beat everyone else anyway,” he said.

“It’s fucking stupid,” he added. “Why are you even wasting your damn time trying to do a Fall Guys tournament putting money on it? What they should have done is they should have just done it for f**king charity.”

Some will inevitably agree with his view, and others will refute it. But in the end, the point he’s trying to make is that something needs to be done to mitigate the risks of using public lobbies in competitive tournaments.

It’s not that big of a deal when the event is for charity. However, it is disconcerting when teams and players compete for a prize pool, especially when some of them are lesser-known streamers who could have used the money.

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