Asmongold has no intention of "ever really quitting" Twitch career - Dexerto

Asmongold has no intention of “ever really quitting” Twitch career

Published: 22/Jan/2022 3:52

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Asmongold has no intention of “ever really quitting” his lifestyle as a Twitch streamer. The MMORPG phenom of the platform explained though he’s thought about it from time to time, he can’t tear himself away from the internet.

In August 2021, Asmon admitted that he was considering quitting Twitch. He was no longer enjoying life as a streamer and felt like he’d had enough. He was also struggling with mental health issues and took an extended break.

A few months after he returned, he tragically lost his mother due to ongoing health issues and took another break. But again, he made an emphatic return on his second channel, and he’s been there ever since.


On January 21, Asmon told fans that the prospect of quitting still crosses his mind from time to time. However, he claimed that he’ll “never really quit” and will always be involved in content creation to some degree.

asmongold-is-taking-another-twich-break-after-saving-his-mother-from-oxygen-tank-fire-780x470 Asmon has thought about quitting streaming but claims he never will.

“Would I ever consider changing careers? I think that changing focus is really a better way to say it,” said Asmon. He explained that he’d focus more on making OTK content rather than quitting. “I can’t imagine a world where I’m not making content.”

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about it, though. “Whenever I’m not happy with my stream, or I’m not happy with something, I always think about quitting.”


However, he simply can’t bring himself to do it.

“I never actually think to myself that I’m actually really done. I always think to myself that I am just taking a break or whatever. Because I can never really quit.”

Asmongold has opened up previously about the heartbreaking reason why he started streaming in the first place, and the fact that he said he’d “probably do nothing” if he wasn’t a streamer.

However, that doesn’t mean he’ll switch with the same platform. In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Asmon said: “Would I be opposed to moving over to YouTube completely? No, absolutely not.” But it’d take a lot to entice him.