Asmongold demands simple Overwatch 2 chat change after players get banned for profanity

Michael Gwilliam
asmongold in front of overwatch 2 heroes

Twitch steamer Asmongold is urging Blizzard to make a simple change to Overwatch 2’s game chat as players have started to get banned over vulgarity.

Overwatch 2’s ban system has been getting criticized by fans and streamers alike ever since a pro player received a month-long ban for typing f**k and sh*t in match chat.

The ban sparked a viral conversation with more and more players speaking up and revealing their own frustrations with the ban system and being reported for swearing despite the existence of a profanity filter.

One player even got the attention of Asmongold by revealing that he had been banned for typing “gg,” “yipppeee” and “nice shot” along with the lighthearted profanity of “F**k that was clean Hanzo.” This prompted the streamer to demand Blizzard make some much-needed chat changes.

“You should have the profanity filter on by default and if you turn off the profanity filter, you can no longer report people for profanity,” he suggested. “And if you have the profanity filter on and people use spaces to get through the filter, you should be able to report them.”

“I don’t see the logic that you turn off your profanity filter. If profanity is wrong in every instance of its usage in a Blizzard game because you can get reported, why isn’t the filter hard-swapped to on like we’re in Club Penguin or NeoPets?”

The Twitch star went on to argue that the policy change could even save Blizzard money, because they’re wasting customer service time to deal with swearing.

“What are we doing here?!” he exclaimed.

So far, the Overwatch 2 devs have yet to comment on what has been an abrupt change to the way swearing is policed in the game, confusing many within the Overwatch community.

Former and current esport commentators have even accused Blizzard of gaslighting users by claiming such swearing policies have always been enforced.

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