Asmongold reveals much-anticipated return to streaming after extended hiatus

Asmongold Twitch Return Screenshot Logo FinalTwitch / Asmongold

After an extended break from broadcasting on his main Twitch channel, streaming superstar Asmongold has announced his official return to content creation will come alongside the launch of Amazon’s New World MMO.

Despite being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Asmongold has dealt with plenty of adversity over his many years in online entertainment, both in his content creation career and personal life.

The Twitch star has taken several breaks from streaming in recent months, both planned and unexpected. During this turbulent period, he also opened up about his on-going struggle to maintaining good mental health, and how those issues have been affecting him as well.

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Now, after sporadically streaming on his second channel during the latest hiatus, Asmongold has announced an official date for his full return, which happens to coincide with the launch of 2021’s highly anticipated New World MMO.

Amazon New World MMOAmazon Games
MMO legend Asmongold will return to Twitch during New World’s launch.

On September 26, the Twitch streamer sent out a message to his followers on Twitter, providing an update on his current personal situation, along with a confirmation of his planned return to streaming.

“[I’ll] be back to streaming for [the] New World release,” he shared with his fans. Barring any unexpected last-minute delays, Amazon’s entry in the MMO genre is due to go-live on Tuesday, September 28.

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Asmongold also shared an update on his mother’s health — one of the driving factors behind his current absence from Twitch. “My mom is doing okay,” he confirmed, without diving into the specifics.

“I’ve missed you guys,” Asmongold shared in his heartfelt post, and closed out his update by expressing gratitude for the continued support of his community. “Thanks for all the positive messages,” he shared, “I read a lot of them out to [my mom] and it improved her spirits quite a bit.”

While Asmon has been streaming on-and-off on his second channel, zackrawrr, his main account has remained largely dormant for the last month — quite the shift for a streamer who typically averages anywhere from 140 to 230 hours streamed per month.

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For now, Asmongold seems confident of his long-awaited return, which will likely draw in viewers by the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, as his long hiatus combined with the launch of New World are sure to draw in significant viewership when he goes live on September 28.