Asmongold explains why he can’t return to Twitch consistently yet

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Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has revealed that despite his excitement for New World, he will continue to struggle to provide consistent streams on Twitch. 

Initially gaining his popularity from playing World of Warcraft, Asmongold has recently taken to other games in the genre like FFXIV and the beta tests for Amazon’s new MMO.

However, the streamer recently had to take multiple breaks from streaming for personal reasons, and then his mother’s health became a concern – with her going to hospital on September 17.

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The extended break worried fans, but also left them anticipating his return. When he announced his comeback to his main channel, fans were excited as it lined up with the full release of New World. Though, it seems as the creator won’t be able to be consistent for a while.

new world warriors fighting an angry ghost in graveyardAmazon Game Studios
Amazon Game Studio’s released their newest MMO, New World, On September 28

Asmongold’s streaming consistency

Starting off his September 28 stream with his usual ‘just chatting’ section, he talked a little bit about the current situation with his mom’s health.

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Asmongold gave a bit of context behind his recent tweets, about calling an ambulance for his mom and that she still needs help doing things around the house. This would end up causing him to step away from the stream when he is live, and occasionally cause him to cancel streams entirely.

“I’ve been really excited for the release of New World for a year, and I at least wanted to stream the release but I don’t know when I’ll be consistent with streaming again,” the creator explained. “It’s been very hard.”

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With his mother’s health still a concern, he says he’s still stressed out and that will affect his interest in going live on his main channel. However, the creator has still unexpectedly gone live on his second channel, ZackRawr, recently to fulfill his desires to stream.

Since it appears it may be a bit before the creator is back to 100% on his main channel, you can keep up on anything related to Asmongold over here.

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