‘Jake Paul & Logan Paul’ to finally fight in impersonators boxing match

Connor Bennett
Logan and Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Logan Paul are finally set to square off in the boxing ring, but it’s not as you think – it’s actually a set of impersonators. 

When the YouTube boxing revolution really kicked into gear, the Paul brothers – Logan and Jake – were front and center in that. The pair fought KSI and Deji in the first, truly global YouTube boxing card and have both taken it to other levels since then by taking part in professional fights.

There has always been a lingering question though – when would they fight each other? The brothers have beefed online so much that it seemed only natural that they’d eventually tear it up in the middle of a boxing ring. 

Both Logan and Jake have downplayed it, however, stating that their family wouldn’t let them and that their actual disputes have never gotten to the point that they need to fight

Jake and Logan Paul impersonators fighting on March 19

However, there will be a Jake vs Logan fight after all, but not involving the YouTubers themselves. Instead, it’ll be a pair of impersonators. 

That’s right, a fake Jake vs Logan fight is taking place on March 16, and it’s on the undercard of Hasim Rahman Jr’s next fight in Tampa, Florida. The pro boxer was scheduled to fight Jake back in 2022, but the clash was canceled as Rahman Jr seemingly wasn’t on course to make weight

Despite Jake moving on to other fights, the veteran heavyweight has continued to take digs at the YouTuber-turned-boxer, and this is just his latest one. 

As it stands, neither Jake nor Logan have engaged in returning fire at Rahman Jr, but they are both preparing for big fights themselves – just in different disciplines. 

Logan returns to the WWE ring in Australia at the Elimination Chamber event on February 24, while Jake is fighting Ryan Bourland on March 2 in Puerto Rico. So, they’re pretty busy.