Jake Paul dismisses $100 million demand to fight UFC’s Kamaru Usman

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul side-by-side with Kamaru Usman holding UFC awards

Jake Paul has hit back at UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman for setting a $100 million price tag on himself for them to fight, claiming he’s not even worth 10% of that. 

After defeating Tyron Woodley in their long-awaited rematch at the end of 2021, Jake Paul has taken a brief break from boxing – focusing more on the promoting side of things. However, he will be getting back in the ring in August.

As of now, Jake’s potential hasn’t been named, but there have been plenty of suitors throwing their hats into the ring – both from the world of boxing and across the UFC.

That includes UFC Welterweight king Kamaru Usman, who told the Club Shay Shay Podcast that he’d want a $100 million cheque from Jake and his team to make a bout between the two happen. Well, now, Jake has responded to that price tag.

Jake Paul posing inside boxing gym with black hat on
Jake has confirmed that he’ll be back in the ring in August.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer appeared on The Journey to talk about who he might take on in his return to the ring, when he was quizzed about Usman’s demands.

“Usman is not worth the $100 million,” Jake said pretty bluntly. “He is like a $3-5million type of guy, but again, he’s owned by Dana, and again, whenever he gets let out of the contract, let’s make it happen. He’s easy money.”

As he has done previously, Jake also stated that it’s unlikely he’ll be able to fight anyone while they’re under a UFC contract, just because it could leave egg on the face of the MMA promotion. ” It would be too much of a risk for him (Dana White) to let one of his fighters lose to me,” he added.

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In terms of who he might fight in August, Jake is remaining pretty coy on that, repeating that he’s got a few ideas in mind.

Whoever it is, his return to the ring is sure to garner plenty of interest, and if he wins, it’ll be interesting to see who else comes out of the woodwork for next time.

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