Asmongold bashes people who believe in astrology: “F**king idiots”

Shay Robson

Twitch star Asmongold shared his take on people who believe in astrology, claiming they’re “f**king stupid.”

Asmongold is one of the most popular and successful streamers on Twitch, amassing millions of followers across multiple channels on the Amazon-owned platform.

However, the Twitch star certainly isn’t shy from frequently discussing his opinions on hot topics on stream, previously comparing Martin Luther King Jr to controversial internet star Andrew Tate.

Scrolling through his Reddit community at the beginning of his May 20 live stream, Asmongold stumbled across a post from a fan sharing a meme poking fun at astrology.

It was then that the Twitch star put astrology believers on blast — slamming them as “f**king idiots.”

Asmongold calls astrology believers “f**king idiots”

“Look, anybody who believes in astrology is a f**king idiot,” he said in an on-stream rant. “I mean like is there anybody who actually doesn’t think that? I mean, come on it’s f**king stupid. I mean, really, it’s an instant red flag.”

He added: “I’ve never met somebody that believes in astrology seriously and makes logical decisions or makes good decisions about anything in their life you know?”

It isn’t the only contentious opinion that the streamer has shared recently. Earlier in May, the 33-year-old shared the “uncomfortable, sh**ty truth” when it comes to streaming on Twitch, claiming creators won’t get viewers if they’re “fat or ugly.”

Asmongold doubled down on his opinion while responding to the backlash, arguing his point by showing the critics that lashed out at his appearance.

One thing is for certain, Asmongold has a clear hard stance against astrology, although it seems he may dislike NFTs promoters more.