Asmongold says up and coming streamers won’t get views if they’re “fat or ugly”

Liam Ho
Asmongold Twitch

Twitch superstar Asmongold made a controversial statement claiming that if smaller streamers are “fat or ugly” they won’t get many viewers.

Streaming platform Twitch has the ability to skyrocket a streamer’s popularity, and thrust them into the limelight. However, with the sheer amount of streamers on the platform, it’s not exactly the easiest of times to get Twitch viewers to come to watch your content. Often times becoming a hit streamer on Twitch can take many years of hard work and maybe a touch of luck.

One streamer that has achieved immense success on the platform is none other than MMO and World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold. Asmon has seen monumental success on Twitch, with his main channel at just over 3.4 million followers, and his secondary channel zackrawrr at a staggering 1.3 million followers.

As such, Asmongold knows a fair amount about the ins and outs of Twitch, and decided to dish out a rather controversial statement on their stream.

Whilst speaking about smaller streamers struggling to receive higher viewership on Twitch, Asmon had this to say.

“Sometimes people might not like the answer… But I’ll give you an answer… I don’t want to do it cause it will make me look like an asshole, but if somebody asked me themselves why they weren’t getting more viewers then sure I would do it.”

The streamer proceeded to proclaim what he believes is the “uncomfortable sh**ty truth”.

“Well here’s the thing right, you wanna know a really really uncomfortable sh**ty truth? Is that if you’re ugly, people won’t like you. And this is even more true for girls. So if you’re really fat and really ugly, it doesn’t matter how funny you are, people just aren’t gonna like you. They don’t want to look at you. That’s it.”

Despite Asmongold’s statement being rather controversial, the streamer has been on the platform for over 12 years, meaning it’s likely Asmon has a good understanding of the inner workings of Twitch viewers.

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