Bryce Hall offers to fight Liam Payne after Logan Paul podcast controversy

Liam Payne next to Bryce HallYouTube: IMPAULSIVE / Instagram: brycehall

TikTok star Bryce Hall has offered to fight Liam Payne after the former One Direction star appeared on an episode of Logan Paul’s podcast and stirred controversy online among fans.

Although they split back in 2015, boy band One Direction still has a number of loyal fans across the world, who continue to support the original members as they pursue solo careers.

However, member Liam Payne stirred controversy on May 31 when he appeared as a guest on YouTuber Logan Paul’s podcast ImPaulsive. He spoke about a variety of different topics, including his past with the band and beef with other members, which led to a substantial amount of backlash against him across social media.

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He also discussed the possibility of boxing influencers like KSI or Jake Paul, and this prompted TikToker Bryce Hall to voice his thoughts.

“F**k it, I’m down to fight Liam Payne,” he wrote on Twitter on June 1. After Payne’s ex-fiancée Maya Henry made a TikTok to the viral ‘Team Bryce’ sound, he then followed that up with, “So does this mean we have to fight now? @LiamPayne.”

On June 2, Hall uploaded a video to YouTube titled ‘I guess I’m fighting Liam Payne’ where he discussed his tweets with a One Direction-themed skit with Josh Richards.

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“I originally made the tweet as a joke,” he said, “but after I saw all the feedback I realized how many people wanted to see me drag you down.”

“Your ex-fiancée that you allegedly cheated on was in my DMs,” he said, referring to Maya Henry. “These are the DMs, it was just like I thought her video supporting me was pretty funny, and she said ‘thanks boss.’ I got boss-zoned. But what do you wanna do? Do you wanna do a contract, do you wanna fight?”

It seems like KSI is also on board with the idea of Liam fighting Bryce, saying in response to the singer: “You don’t want to fight me. You know what, you should fight Bryce. Fight Bryce Hall. If you can knock out Bryce Hall then you can maybe attempt to talk to me.”

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However, whether any fight between Liam and Bryce, or any other influencer, will actually happen remains to be seen.