Andrew Tate sends message to Jake Paul after Tommy Fury loss

Andrew Tate has message for jake paul after tommy fury lossYouTube: Samuel Leeds, Jake Paul

Andrew Tate has sent a message out to Jake Paul via Twitter following the YouTuber’s loss against Tommy Fury in their boxing match over the weekend.

Jake Paul has received his first loss in his boxing career, falling to British rival Tommy Fury by split-decision on Sunday, February 26.

Luckily, Paul will be able to face off against Fury once more to potentially even the score at some point this year due to a rematch clause in their fight contract — but until then, he has to sit with the loss as the entire internet looks on.

Paul has received a fair outpouring of support from his fans and fellow creators, with Logan Paul offering him a heartfelt message on Twitter (while simultaneously dunking on the Fury family, of course).

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Now, controversial internet commentator Andrew Tate has weighed in on the results of Jake’s bout with Fury, with he — or someone from his team — posting to his official Twitter account with some comments for the ‘Problem Child’ in the wake of his recent loss.

Andrew Tate comforts Jake Paul after Tommy Fury loss on Twitter

“Always winning isn’t the point of God’s battles,” Tate wrote. “The point of God’s battles is so you can show him the strength of your heart when you lose.”

He wrapped up the statement by tagging Jake Paul’s Twitter profile, showing that the message was, indeed, meant for the influencer.

This is far from the first time Tate has interacted with the Paul bros; previously, it was thought that he and Jake would face off in the boxing ring, with the two having a few heated confrontations before Tate was eventually arrested and detained by Romanian authorities.

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Tate is currently still in police custody on charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized criminal activity, so it’s unclear how (or who is helping him) he’s posting to Twitter.