Andrea Botez shuts down Indiefoxx’s attempt to hot tub stream with Mizkif

andrea botez shuts down indiefoxx mizkif hot tub streamTwitch/Mizkif/Instagram/AndreaBotez

Twitch chess star Andrea Botez had a brutal response to Indiefoxx’s attempt to hot tub stream with Mizkif.

Indiefoxx has made quite the return to Twitch ever since being allowed back on the platform following a wardrobe malfunction and promised to not let her shot at redemption go to waste.

After two years away due to her suspension, the hot tub and ASMR streamer has once again begun to broadcast more regularly, even appearing on Mizkif’s Parasocial show.

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During her recent appearance, the streamer tried to convince Mizkif to do a hot tub stream with her, but didn’t expect Andrea Botez to step in and put an end to that possibility.

Indiefoxx pool stream in a bikiniTwitch/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx’s hot tub stream with Mizkif got blasted by Andrea Botez.

Indiefoxx’s Mizkif hot tub stream thwarted by Andrea Botez

After being introduced on the show, Mizkif couldn’t help but notice that Indiefoxx’s hot tub wasn’t in the background of her setup.

“It’s deflated somewhere in my garage,” she revealed. “I don’t really have one anymore. Do you want me to bring one to your house? I could give you hot tub water. We can fill it with like…”

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Before Indiefoxx could continue, however, Andrea Botez stepped in and crushed any possibility of a collaboration between her and Mizkif once the hot tub discussions intensified.

“He doesn’t need any more content, Jen Foxxx!” Botez exclaimed. “He is the enemy. We need to unite against him, not help him.”

At this point, Mizkif could only look on and watch as Andrea shattered discussions of getting into a hot tub with the OnlyFans model, joking that the chess streamer had “ruined his life.”

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Of course, it’s still possible that we see a Mizkif and Indiefoxx duo stream at some point in the future, but just don’t expect to see Andrea invited to join them after trying to shut down the opportunity when it presented itself on Twitch.