Who is Emily Rinuado and is she really Mizkif’s sister?

mizkif emily rinaudoInstagram: emjayrinuado

Long-time fans of Twitch streamer Mizkif have likely heard of Emily Rinuado, his supposed sister who has appeared on his stream many times. But, who is Emily Rinuado, and are they actually siblings?

In 2019, Mizkif invited Emily onto his stream, and she was an instant hit with the chat. Some viewers even thought they looked like each other, and so the sister story was born.

Here’s what we know about Emily and her relation to Mizkif.

Who is Emily Rinuado?

Emily is an Instagram and OnlyFans model, with over 250,000 followers on IG. Although she does have a Twitch channel, Emily doesn’t stream very often, and a YouTube channel where she uploads sporadically.

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emily rinuado instagramInstagram: emjayrinuado

She did her first Twitch stream on her own channel on February 13, and her channel peaked at over 3,000 viewers – a very strong start for a first-ever stream.

Mizkif called in during the stream and gave her some tips, as well as suggested she make an appearance on Austin’s dating show: “That’s how you get your name out there,” he advised.

Is Emily Mizkif’s sister?

No, Emily Rinuado is not actually Mizkif’s sister. It is just a long-lasting inside joke within Mizkif’s community.

After their first stream together, the joke began, and Miz has kept it up over the years. He frequently posts videos on YouTube featuring Emily titled ‘My sister…’

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mizkif's sister on youtubeYouTube

The meme has become very widespread though, and multiple websites incorrectly report that Emily is in fact Mizkif’s sister.

The joke has been great for content though, so while it lasts, Mizkif and his fans are likely to keep it going in any way they can.